Wednesday 1 May 2019

Sunshine and showers at Hilmorton

So on a chilly and blowy morning we left Braunston.  It was gorgeous in the shelter and sunshine, but it wasn't to last.  

The famous bridges of Braunston.

You can't see them too well but the ancient field ridges in the sun made a marvellous  frame to the well known church outline against the sky.

Further away but it looks nearer.

Now there's been some talk about WaL and when we come to repaint her, David loved this grey on this boat.  We are in two minds about the red, that is to say I want red again and David really likes this grey.... Luckily we shall not worry about it yet awhile.

We only met a few boats coming towards us but all of them the Captains were wrapped up well in thick winter gear, mostly including hats and scarves.

The beautiful NB Duxlandyn

My goodness, we counted fourteen ducklings, didn't she do well?  How many will make it I wonder.

It was a fairly uneventful run up to Hilmorton but when we got there I was cold.  I chose to do the locks to warm up a bit.  There was a volunteer on duty and thank goodness for that as I couldn't wind the paddle, there was only one working.  

He was walking down to his lunch and stopped to wind the second lock's paddle for me too for the same reason.

David coming around the corner at Hilmorton locks into the last one of three.

We moored up below the locks and around a corner, in the shelter of a chunky hedge, very convenient too as a storm was coming in over the weekend and we were off to London in the morning to celebrate our youngest daughters birthday, I can hardly dare tell you but my baby was 30, which makes me feel about 73. 

It was a fabulous weekend, we all went to her favourite restaurant   HERE  its simply amazing, I have now been here three times.  And when David goes on his Men Only golfing trip to Florida I indeed to go again and a spa day and shopping and have my hair straightened not that I'm feeling left out or anything.


  1. Lisa...... Your hair straightened OR Your hare straightened? Just asking! :-)

  2. Tom,
    My mother would say you've been taking wicked pills! David hates my hair straight.....