Sunday 26 May 2019

Leaving Pershore

Batteries 100% at 08:30 today.

Don't you just love days like this when you are boating? Clear blue sunny skies.  Twinged with guilt as we all know there's a drought looming after a dry winter, of course I do, I have two farming men in my life and believe you me, farmers are always banging on about the weather.
Anyway I digress.
This is the view of Pershore Abbey form our mooring.  I forgot to take my camera when I visited, so if you want to know more about one thousand years of our heritage look here  HERE.

The pink sweet chestnut tree that filed our cratch with its blossom, (The cratch cover was pulled back for the varnishing, several pieces of blossom are now attached to the varnish).

The lock landing at Pershore lock.

I'm not terribly keen on these gate paddles.

It was gently gently.

I once watch a Grand Designs programme on TV about a man , egged on by his wife, redesigned a cruiser that used second hand windows for one thing, none of them matched.  It was a huge "Vessel" and such was the lack of beauty and oddness of the boat that the marina on the Thames asked him to leave due to the number of complaints.  Now this one below isn't as bad but frankly I wouldn't want to gaze out of my comfy cratch onto this....

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I wonder what the holiday lodge owners behind think of their view?

 It was warm, it was beautiful and David had lots of phone calls to make and receive leaving me to helm at a low speed and to watch the wild life.

This Buzzard took off from a tree stump right alongside WaL, these were the best shots I could get one handed.

This was a very blue one, they have arrived this week.

This is either a Kestrel, a Pigeon or a Cuckoo, I heard all of them calling.

The charming Chadbury lock of only visible from below the lock by boat.  

Chadbury Lock

As we rounded the bend, this was the view, the teachers seem to freeze at the sight of us only venturing out when we were safely moored up.  Can't blame them.  The teacher called out "Is it the afternoon yet?"  I think she'd had enough.

The cushions were removed but the carpet gets wet with water coming in the out holes, here you can see I'd forgotten to fold the carpet away.  Again!

This sign was pretty striking, from where I stood was way above the lock and surrounding countryside.

We arrived in Evesham at lunchtime.  It was handy as there is a SpeckSavers here and they adjusted both our glasses.  I took the precaution of having a leg wax, my nails redone and a pedicure as next week are having to go home and I didn't think David had allotted enough time for these tasks to be completed, at home I will cram in the hairdressers and beauticians.  
Its all go when we go home.

Supper was steamed salmon with that chickpea and avocado salad that is our new favourite.

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