Thursday 2 May 2019

Breathe in, maize and Red is the colour!

When we were good and ready this mooring we set off.  We were urmmming and arhmming about where to stop, but as it was a reasonable non cold windy day so it was decided that we would go the whole hog and do the five hours and get to Hawkesbury Junction and therefore my favourite Pub, The Greyhound.
Passing Clifton Cruisers it was a bit of a squeeze, breathe in...

Now we haven't stopped in central Rugby, twice we stopped but way back down the canal and watched rare English Longhorn Cattle nosing about in a smallish field, we can't quite remember when that was but today it has been built on with new houses.  So it was a bit of a surprise when we got here all the moorings have gone, not a boat to be seen.  There you go, that's progress I suppose as my mother would say. 

Rugby canal central, empty of oorings and boats.

I missed the best shot of all three bridges but got the lorry.

Now farming news, here we have maize (Not sweetcorn but fodder for winter feed), not only been drilled (planted), but its up and growing!  
There Mr Lewis... How is yours coming along?

Lovely soil.

Lovely crop of early maize.

 Now there is a lovely small section of open farm land, a bit bendy, just before All Oaks Wood, David popped down to make the coffee and I was driving and concentrating of course, when a shout went up coming from the farm itself, and I saw a cow bolting, making a bid for freedom, I smiled inwardly as cows only ever EVER got out on our farm when all the men were off the premises.  But as I watched carefully and watching the bends and moored boats I saw a farmer hot on the heels of the cow but then oh my goodness was a huge bull hot on the heels of the man and the cow bellowing!  

They went behind the buildings so I didn't see the result of capture or possible deaths, sadly no photos either.  I hope no fatalities.

All Oaks Wood, very lovely if you like trees.

Great sculptured arms of the oaks

The car park in the forest, strewn with McDonalds rubbish from parked cars I should think, but there was Boaters Rubbish too.  Very sad.

We passed NB Beaulieu at Stretton moored up and looking nice.  I googled it and here is the entry for your pleasure.  
HERE.  First registered in 1936, so that's just 83 years old.

A little faded maybe but thats a price to be paid for having a glorious red boat.

Red Boats for ever.

Round the corner and boom onto the slot next to the water point.  Marvellous for the morning to fill up and be away.  

Naps were taken by the one who'd been awake since 4:30am, that's retired farmers for you and supper had in the best pub.

I managed three courses, mushroom arancini, fish and chips and raspberry and almond tart.  We both think it was the best quality and menu we've had there.

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