Sunday 26 May 2019

The end of the road so to speak.

Pilgrim Lock, lovely mooring.  The boat is all clean and shining now.  Off to Stratford-on-Avon today.

Its very pleasing to see these sola panels in a garden.  We, as a country should all be working towards this I feel.

I couldn't help wondering how many of these will still be here next week...

Binton Bridges.

It says in the book there are moorings here, but I think that is yet another instance of our Nicholsons Guide being wrong, there was a rickety half landing stage near the pub which would be better for cruisers.

So to continue on yesterdays theme of ghastly houses, showing that money does not buy good taste.

This ugly as sin place was colossal and looked more like a care home.  Apologies if the owner is a Reader.

We simply couldn't work out what they are doing here but I think it is a building plot.


Now this house, yes there was one up there, has no view of the river at all.  I know I am a bit of a tree hater in some respects but why oh why live by this beautiful river and not even see it?

Other half of the garden.

David loathed this one but not as bad as whats coming up in a bit.

David landed me here there was a narrowboat that had filled the lock and immediately he finished sluicing out his "Bucket-and-chuck-it" he came into the lock via the gate I had opened for him.  His crew who was a complete novice hadn't opened the other gate on his side and in manoeuvring himself without the benefit of bow thrusters and going too fast he really CLONKED the gate, so much so that it stuck on the concrete wall of the lock.  It took all three of us to un-stuck it, I was on the verge of calling David up.  Then became concerned that he would repeat the action when exiting the lock and clonk WaL.  In the event he didn't, David had gleaned part of this and when the lock gates opened he pulled back.  
I think he was a bit embarrassed especially when his novice crew had yelled across to him "What happened?" 

I watched a grey wagtail here with a beak full of insects but I couldn't spot the nest.

In all the excitement we didn't notice a fellow traveller....

I was concerned about it, but it swam right unto the gate eating the weed off of the gate

Back there now

I think he must have been a bit agitated because he shot out of the lock in front of WaL and around the corner at a rate of knots.  It must have given him an appetite too as he rough handled another female for some distance.....

Three Amigios after exiting the lock.  I guess he'll stay away next time.

Believe me when I tell you that on that branch sticking up is a Cuckoo.  He attracted another and they swooped and turned  alongside WaL for some distance constantly calling.

Prize goes to this house for the ugliest garden, couldn't see the house.

End of our Avon journey for now.  Stratford.  

Supper was that roasted peppers stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes and olives again with halloumi cheese.

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