Friday 10 May 2019

Let's celebrate new parents.

 So this morning we were a little late in starting because we wanted to pop into Great Haywood Marina for a diesel top-up and they open at 10am.  

So off we went properly, and turned onto the most lovely Staffs to Worcester canal. 
My favourite after the Leicester Arm of the G.U.

Still cold, I had worn my fleece lined boating trousers as a precaution, I was glad.

Here is Tixal Wide, so called because it is wide.   I left it a bit late to get the obligatory photo of Tixal Gatehouse, if you have a fancy to stay there you can.....  simply click here and cough up good gold     HERE

Cozy pad for a weekend.

I had a go at helming and here is the pretty pretty cottage at Tixal Lock.  I think it looked tidier and a little bit more loved this time.

He hates being told what to do but sometimes.....

Attractive reflection in the canal of this bridge but I was just a fraction too late to do it justice.

Now for the highlight of the afternoon's cruising.  Grey Wagtails.    More about them HERE, they are on the RED list so an even bigger treat to have seen the nest.  The parents were sitting on a fence while I did the lock, both had mouthfuls of insects in this shady spot with trees all around, there were masses of flying nasties so the future bodes well for them.We watched them a while while WaL was in the lock, but not wanting to disturb them we moved on.

Possibly four chicks.

I think this is the female.

Adult with the nest, but it was watching me.

Think this is the female again.

Well that completely made my day.

We moored up in Penkridge, semi packed, finished the fishcakes from the freezer, had an early night and at first light David collected the car from somewhere, and off home for a couple of nights to check up on my mum beating all the traffic in the process.

See you in a couple of days.


  1. A few years ago, there was a nest (I think of grey wagtails) actually in the lock gates t Penkridge lock. It was tucked behind a metal bit, and the birds didn’t seem at all concerned that their nest kept moving back and forth.

  2. Grey Wagtails are my absolute favourites, last year on Spring Watch (Everything stops in my hose for Spring Watch) the Grey Wagtails nest was robbed, I was heat broken.
    We have seen then underneath the Anderton Boat Lift too!