Monday 20 May 2019

Consultations and a big 'ole

So my IT Consultant has applied herself "Virtually" and I am now 35% full in my storage.  I have deleted photos and documents that I don't mind telling you Reader that I have no idea they were there let alone who saved them.

So I am hoping to load some photos tonight..... We shall see.

So from the Stourport  moorings above the lock down into the basin we both set out at 8:15am, we both needed a pump out, rubbish disposal, water up and David & Sarah also a gas bottle.  We were first down and hogged the water point.  I went off to the Chandlers here to buy varnish, a brush and white spirit..... Chandlers open at 10am, not at all annoying.

We filled with water and quickly washed the boat roof, while David & Sarah waited for the boat yard to open, well it was open but the man who had the keys to the pump out hadn't arrived yet.....  
That's boating for you.

Finally finally we were done, and we pulled away and although I said there's no way I'm going to steer in a basin full of boats, the phone rang and I ended up doing so, luckily he took the tiller as we came to the corner and the staircase lock.
Lovely lovely volunteers on duty.  I thanked them for all their work for us.  I always do.

With utmost ease, we left the basin and arrived on the 
River Severn, all very quiet so we hopped onto the vacant pontoon to wait for the others.

Glorious sunshine and they soon appeared, we followed on and the first lock appeared.  Through with ease, and within minutes we arrived at the pub, The Hampstall Inn at Astley Burf, formally known as The Cider House.  First recommended to us by son-in-law's dad a few years ago, but it was always full but today it had a nice empty pontoon mooring.  

David tried a landing, messed it up due to the flow of the river, even though the river is at its lowest level the flow is quite "firm", we overshot, went downstream and came back to moor properly facing uphill.

Well we had coffees onboard Sarah&David's boat then adjourned to the pub for lunch enjoying the wonderful sunshine,  in fact my arms burnt.

Too full for dessert, we went back to the pub at 7pm for desserts then.  Delicious they were too.

I had; shared calamari with David as a starter  then minted lamb burgers with sweet potato chips.  Phew.
Dessert that evening was lemon meringue roulade and raspberry bake well tart and David traded with me.

WaL and other David arriving at the lock to descend into the basin at Stourport.

I just love Stourport and  its preserved buildings

I also like it that its a bit rickety and not too posh.

Washing the roof as other David pulls onto the pump out pontoon.

Don't look at the car and bins but what a beautiful row.

WaL leaving the first staircase to get to the next one.  Its a bit of a hot shoe shuffle to make it, a bit of reversing.

Lovely volunteers insisted I got on as its easier.

Out onto the Severn

As I went off with the camera and David fished about for the lifejackets this had appeared as if from nowhere in front of us.  Oh that's David and Sarah whizzing past at a rate of knots....

All had had a jolly time.

David exiting the first lock.  Do they have names...?

Tha Hampstall Inn, not sure what David was saying here as WaL sailed on by the mooring....

Oh I nearly forgot to post the photos of that landslip at Wolverley on the Staff to Worcester canal form the other day

This is Helen, another acquaintance who we met several years ago,  She is a single hander of some 14 years standing, this year she is off to Ripon.  Gutsy lady, in her newly painted boat.

Oh those cobs and that cider, I napped well later.

Huge wodge of onion that we didn't eat.

So view from the road looking down

The water main that leaked

Quite a bit of the road has gone....

Wonderful view of the countryside from here

 And the view from WaL as we passed by, forgive the poor quality, but the lovely sun was shining right into the camera.

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