Sunday 5 May 2019

Bloody rain and is that a hanger?

Reader forgive me but I forgot to put this couple of photos up, the first one was of these two GORGEOUS Golden Retrievers.  But look carefully, there's not only one more but two more that I couldn't take without making them bark.    They were in wonderful condition and totally joyful.  They are also the favourite breed of my husband.  
I always said I'd get another dog as soon as we had grandchildren, to make the grandchildren want to visit.  Now it seems the time is coming near as not only are we expecting our first grandchild but if you can believe it TWO!  But wait for it, two are due on exactly the same day.  We are just about over the shock/joy/surprise of it, deep growing excitement building now.
Hence dog photos, there maybe more to come.

Outside the Greyhound the other day, FOUR delightful Golden Retrievers.

Another forgotten to post photo, this at Atherstone.

So the run up from Atherstone to Hopwas was uneventful, but cold.  I ended up wearing much clothing and felt like the Pilsbury Boy, (Google that for anyone too young to remember).  We spent only the one night at Hopwas and David was keen to go to the pub, unusual in itself.  He even called ahead to se if they had BT Sports.  Yes said the barman, so at 7:45 off we trundled to The Fox to see Liverpool V another team in some competition.  We ordered two vile coffees at £2 each to start with, I had my book, but what did we find but they have SKY Sports not BT.  Honestly Reader David nearly cried.  

But being the wonderful wife that I am, I saw that another customer had the match on his phone, tiny screen I know so I downloaded the App and away he went.  We didn't need to stay in the vile coffee serving pub so he walked back to the boat with his nose in his phone like a teenager.  I got mega Brownie Points Reader too.

After the result I think he'd wished he hadn't bothered.

The next morning, we were away at a reasonable time and were on our way to Fradley, to meet great friends John and Louise from NB Ploddin' Along.  We met with a chance encounter back in 2012 and been friends since.

If only we had left Hopwas 20 minutes earlier......

Last nights mooring.  Normally its full here but early in the season I guess.

Bluebells carpeting the "Firing Range" just past Hopwas.  They looked bluer than this.

So the farming news for today is.... well David wasn't quite sure but from the audible clatter himself thought they were stone picking uppers.  I await confirmation from David Lewis who knows everything.

Whatever they were doing its lovely soil and very neat.

 Now maybe some of you have seen this or similar, with zero knowledge we guessed it was asparagus growing.  We simply love asparagus, but with only melted butter.  The mad Norfolk contingent serve it with bacon and a runny egg.....!

Asparagus beds or just weeds.

The A38, which really should be moved.

As we approached Fradley, someone kind has done a lot of cutting back, so much so I saw in the bushes, I've never noticed it before, but consulting the map showed it to be a zonking great aircraft hanger   HERE   I mean Who Knew?

We moored up on the Coventry Canal, approaching the water points.  This was when I wished we'd have left ten minutes earlier as we got caught in the heaviest down pour of the day, of course we did.

Supper was the remaining Chicken Korma.  Really very good.


  1. I am pretty sure it is asparagus as we have been past later in the year when it is all feathery. Last year on the Avon we saw it being harvested with the bunches being put on a thing attached to a tractor. The asparagus pickers were a cheery lot and we could just see 9by enlarging the phooto) their curved asparagus knives. Pictures -
    Love your comments about the football traumas, very funny, we have those issues too (though for Spurs, boo to Liverpool!)

  2. Well Debby,
    The football saga has moved on eh? My mother supports Spurs, so by default I do too, but I could only tell you they are in London. My lovely Dutch son-in-law supports Ajax....

    I think I will be subjected to the final.

    David was pretty sure it was asparagus and he thought it was growing there in previous trips past. He tried to grow it in his veg garden years ago but it takes possibly three years to get any. The weeds beat him.