Thursday 16 May 2019

Let's hide!

Well Reader it was with great delight that when we left Kinver pretty early the next morning, that it was warm.  I started off with long sleeves but ended up wearing a T-shirt.
David told of frosts though, I didn't believe a word of it until I saw his photos;

Our car somewhere.

I think this was actually coming into Kinver before but I'm still having trouble with my photos not uploading....  
Well anyway have a look at the gorgeous blue skies, also see that he is STILL leaving the windlass in the paddle mechanism, despite me telling him, (He hates me telling him).

On leaving Kinver the countryside is especially attractive, rolling hills and fields and banks of attractive trees.  We both always think that the beauty is unsurpassed and should I tell my friends that we were on holiday in the West Midlands they would either have a fit of not believe me, but this part of the world is worthy of a visit.

Now there is actually a good reason that we have come this far, it's to secure a mooring at Wolverley, the first mooring after the lock landing.  

Pete is paying us a visit, Pete is going to fit solar panels for us.  We have been pondering over this for some considerable time and finally, finally we decided to go ahead.  
We are light electricity users in reality, this is why we have been undecided.  We have gas, we never watch TV except for the last few days of Wimbledon, I do not run hairdryers or the like and we have always been in the habit of charging up all our phones, computers etc while we are moving, which we do most days.  In the future I would like to maybe take a day off.  Solar panels will help.
Even deciding whether to have the mounted pivoting brackets took even more deciding on.  

So we did Debdale lock, knowing that there is a landslide and boats are only allowed to pass between Debdale Lock (above the slip) and Wolverley lock (below the slip) during the hours of 9am and 3pm after which the locks are locked.          

So expecting that the vital section in question might be monitored/supervised or even policed with a small p but no, a simple sign on a branch saying DEAD SLOW was it.  

We moored up in the exact spot we wanted to.  Right next to the road and free car park.  As it happens right opposite a private house with a mooring, he was fitting solar panels to his boat as we moored.  We chatted to him and found out that CART come around and inspect the moorings, Mick is ok but Billy is not so easy!

This was about 10:30am, we had a coffee, I put on lipstick & perfume, clean jeans and off to The Lock at Wolverley we went.  Ostensibly for lunch, but having been told that the CART man would be here at 2:45pm to lock up, we were hiding.

Lunch was terrific, we both had the house burgers, mine with sweet potato chips.  These burgers are supplied by the family farm who own the pub. We had a salad too which was chick peas dressed in paprika, avocado served on lettuce with a blue cheese dressing.  Fabulous, I shall be creating this on WaL, or leaving instructions for David to create.

From the pub garden we indulged in superb People Watching.  A few boaters, we shared our table with a couple from Scotland.  I had complimented the lady helms person on her arrival at the lock landing which she accomplished smoothly and slowly.  There were a masse of Bikers, families, old folks, walkers and folks like us.

I couldn't face dessert, we simply enjoyed the sun all afternoon.  The Lockkies went off finally after looking at WaL but all was fine.

Pete arrives at 8am tomorrow morning.

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