Friday 24 May 2019

You've made how many...?

David had vanished at dawn as usual but returned with goodies.  He said he'd made an executive decision about supper tonight and had brought all the ingredients for a 
High Tea, just like he had in the nursery with Nanny.

Batteries 100% charged at breakfast!

There was quite a bit of lolling about on my part, as I worked up the enthusiasm to do some more varnishing..... the sun came out and so did the chairs later.  As we sat on the grass we listened to a Cuckoo singing for minutes at a time, I didn't know they just carried on singing.  This was interspersed with a Woodpecker hammering on a willow tree opposite WaL.  That night as I lay in bed there was an owl.  We never hear owls at home.

I dressed David's leg again after the wee scabby dog bit him yesterday, there are about five gashes of about 2cms long.  
NHS online talked about the real risk of infection and the need to see a medically trained professional within eight hours.  
So that is me with TCP, a plaster and Lavender oil.

Late in the afternoon David disappeared to the kitchen to make the High Tea,  he came back later with a mountain of sandwiches, about 17 each.  Smoked salmon, beef and mustard, ham, egg mayonnaise and cheese and tomato.  I thought he must be expecting guests.

For dessert it was the last of the scones warmed with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam.  Both of our favourites.

Much later in the day another narrow boat arrived on "Our" mooring.  We were happy of course to share and have thoroughly enjoyed staying here.

I could easily retire to this part of the world, I'd need a house by the river with a mooring and one that doesn't flood, no neighbours but close to a big town.  You'd think it'll be easy wouldn't you?

Nice safe tall flood posts.  

The next morning, after I had done another coat of varnish,  we pushed off leaving the other NB to enjoy Great Comberton Quay for themselves.

It was a lovely run.  David was deeply engrossed with several phone calls from home and left me at the tiller, I was totally engrossed in the beauty of the wildlife all around me.  

Last night's mooring.

The short run up to Pershore.

Very lovely the whole way.  Look at the ripples WaL made.  Beaut.

Pershore Bridge.The original built in 1413 and rebuilt after The English Civil War in 1644.

 Pershore had plenty of spaces and we moored up as much as we could between trees, we had our nose under the pink horse chestnut tree, had I remembered that it covered us in the pink blossoms and they then stuck after rain....  
This time with the cratch cover rolled back and the sides up we were again filled with the pink fluffy staff but dry this time.

A walk into the town took us to a great deli where we brought local asparagus which we had for tea.

I visited the Abbey which I'd missed last time when we went to watch cricket.  Somehow the Abbey here survived the Reformation, but it did have previously extensive lands.

The sky went grey, it looked like it would pour but it didn't and the sun peeped around the clouds turning the green Willows golden.

Supper was asparagus followed by fishcakes and I whipped up onion, tomatoes, peas and olives



  1. Hi Lisa,
    We loved Pershore when we were down the Avon a couple of years ago - but it was in the middle of that heatwave that wiped me out. So we moored under trees, and sat out under them too.
    Lovely shops and I remember the deli! I also bought two long-sleeved shirts in a charity shop (only the best quality Viyella brand, don't you know) and then proceeded to wet them under the cold tap and put them straight on my overheated body - bliss!

  2. Frankly Marilyn, we love all the Avon. This won't be the last visit.