Saturday 4 May 2019

Look, even a sun hat.

So we really will have to do something about our hose, when are you visiting next Mr Lewis?
Today at the water point we pulled back to fill up and while it was doing so we washed off the roof (swept and rinsed) did I say Reader when we picked WaL up it was FILTHY. The worst it's ever been.  As we were doing so a hire boat pulled in with a pair of brothers.  David pointed out that behind us was the other water tap but they were reluctant to reverse not trusting their helming skills.  We took ages and ages to fill and were very embarrassed about it but they were charming  and when we finally got to level 8/10 we called a halt.  I donated the remainder of the coffee cake by way of a thank you.

Going north, we passed by the old Navigation Inn, it was converted into a house and by golly what a house, have a gander here    HERE   I don't know the area but at 
£1millionK I felt it a bit high.

Nuneaton was clear of rubbish, having seen other blogs showing masses of rubbish in the water we have concluded that someone must be clearing it.
Past Nuneaton the canal opens out into meadows and farmland, we might have stopped overnight but we didn't carrying on to tackle the Atherstone locks this afternoon.

My favourite ducks I used to keep as pets when the children were small.

Pretty face or what?

The Coventry Canal winds its way along the contours of the land, giving great views across the countryside.

My ideal mooring opposite here but they were all taken.

Another lovely brood out with mum and dad.

Great landmark here.

Five volunteer lock keepers on duty here today at Atherstone, they saw us coming and opened the gate.  Then a charming elderly man disappeared and when we rounded the first bend he had prepped and opened the next gates, all in all four free locks.

It was all going so well meeting other boats on their way up that we carried on finally mooring up with only two locks remaining for the morning.

This was where we washed up.  Glorious views, books and a cheeky little sauvignon blanc for company.

Supper was fishcakes sautéd courgettes broccoli and french beans.

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