Sunday 26 May 2019

Ambling along

The water point here in Evesham is hidden in a cupboard and cleverly they haven't labelled it, so Newbies to this river unwittingly moor up alongside it.  This had happened today.
We pulled around them and explained.  

I quite like these apartments on the riverside here, I mean its not Henley-on Thames but I could cope with that.

Evesham Brigdge, nice bricks colours but its a baby aged bridge only 1856 I think it said.

Leaving Evesham lock.

The weir above Evesham lock.

I thought this a curious name for a boat, but each to his own.

A relatively short hop up to Offenham Lock.  It has two names, George Billington too I think.  When we arrived here immediately above the right hand lock gate you can see a wide beam, this lovely couple have come up from Evesham where they moor and voluntarily do all the lawns here, of which there is far too much.  I thanked them profusely on your behalf.

I'm really do love of this lock moorings with its wide mown lawns.

Two years ago there was a bird nesting in the undergrowth of the lock island, I couldn't see it but it had such an unusual call I recorded it onto my phone and sent it to Amanda, she has a very very knowledgable ornithologist friend Rachel who in minutes identified it as a Sedge Warbler, I mean whoever heard of such a bird? Apart form Rachel that is.

I was so hoping it would be nesting and feeding young in the same place but no such luck.

We sat in the afternoon sun, reading and watching the other birdlife here.  A Crested Grebe, which as soon as I had my camera ready dived again and more wagtails.

Supper was cauliflower cheese with tomatoes, mushrooms and olives.  Thank you Sarah for that idea. 
David loved it.

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