Sunday 26 May 2019

Pull and clip woman, PULL!

 So the sun continued to shine and we decided to polish the boat before leaving.  

Now having enquired about having WaL repainted, (she was launched in 2012), I was oh so very pleased to hear that with "Two Pack" you don't need to polish the boat.  I mean don't get me wrong, we do polish her and like her to look clean and smart, I really really like the idea go never polishing it again.  So she was washed, rinsed, mopped down and then I applied the polish and David buffed.... 
See what I mean?
Well to be fair it was a great position to do it with the taps here too.  

David also scrubbed the cratch with the cleaning stuff 
(Well he did when the two of us working in unison pulling for all we were worth to get the dratted thing clipped on the wooden frame again, I swear it had shrunk, a bit like my skirts do in the cupboard).  This is the reason he never wants to remove the cratch cover completely.  
I agree.

A lucky find actually, I had ordered some more when we were last at home but it hadn't arrived before we left.  For no good reason I tidied out the storage cupboard, in there I found two pots of varnish and would you believe it two more cratch cover cleaners.  Thus making three, we only need one a year.....

Masses of the stuff, anyone need three half used pots of varnish?

Finally leaving Bidford lunch time.  So this below is a photo of the visitor moorings.  We didn't go into the pub but I feel I made up for it by sweeping all their overflow rubbish back into their bins.

Nice reflection thingy going on here.

Bidford-on-Avon Bridge, of all the arches, there is only one for navigation.  Beautiful stone.

Quite a variety of imposing houses over looking the river, here below is one of the ugliest to my mind

This one is better, but I do hate the ivy.  The gardens were extensive.

What a stunner, either new or a new paint job.

Me looking like a pin-up lock wheeler.

 We arrived at Barton Lock, nobody else on the moorings there so we ummed and arrhed then decided to stop.  We had a choice and decided on the right hand side, thus being able to polish the other side of the boat.
It is good to get it completed but we don't usually do it all on one day.  My back hated it. 

My father-in-law called this Ox-Eye Daisy, one of my favourites.  I'm always trying to collect the seed to grow in the garden.

I think this is a variety of wild sweet pea, anyone please do correct me.

David calls this Speedwell, fab colours.  My chickens used to love it, but thats going back a century.

Barton Mill.  I picked my way through stingers and bushes to bring you this view.

Much later, I heard another loud bird call, which again was very unusual.  I tried to spot it but couldn't see it but when I sat down with the binocs, I did see a flash of reddy-brown.  After many failed attempts to record the sound I gave up.
But the next morning, at about 05:45 it started up again outside our bedroom porthole, repeatedly and I managed to get a 4 second recording.  I sent to off to Amanda and it came back as a confirmed sighting of a Cetti's Warbler!!!!!!!!

HERE  I never even heard of such a bird but you can listen to its call on that link.  This river is lucky for me for bird spotting.

Supper was a Waitrose recipe card I picked up weeks ago.  It's roasted sweet potato with goats cheese, rocket, pecan nuts, quinoa and a balsamic dressing.


  1. I love ox eyed Daisy too. One of my favourites. Think the pink one is vetch.

  2. Common Vetch it is. Thank you.