Saturday 18 May 2019

Sunshine cobs and holes in the road.

Pete the Electrician arrived promptly at 8am.  Yes Reader I was up and dressed and soon after had the kettle on.  Being so close to the car park enabled him to bring these huge panels with ease to WaL.  

David and I left Pete to it and cycled off into Kidderminster, I called over my shoulder that if we are not back in two hours he should call the Police, "Oh don't worry you'll see plenty of Police in Kidder!".

We were heading to the Boots there.  Inadvertedly David left his pills at home even though I asked him if he'd packed them and he was convinced he had, its his age I know 84.

So after three phone calls to our less than helpful surgery, who have the policy that they accept no requests for prescriptions over the phone, bless them.

I called Boots in Kidderminster and the delightful Laura went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we got the prescription.

It was so lovely to be out cycling for the first time in months and months.  The sun shone and the birds sang.   

Heading back to WaL, below the lock at Wolverley we saw a boat that we have known about for some years.  This couple are live a boards and are friends of friends each time we have seen them they have been travelling in the other direction, but this time as we cycled past Sarah and David recognised me through the window,  (Probably my hair sticking up) at the same time as we both recognised their boat name but it was a close call as they've had a paint job done now.  We had a good but brief chat but said we would meet  the following day in Stourport.  

David Pete and I had coffee and then cycled north up the canal a little way, we were heading to Caunsall, to a pub that has been recommended to us plenty of times.  Here they serve "The Best Cobs in The Black Country"  Oh my golly they were terrific too.  
For those of you out there that do not have a Black Countryman in your family let me say just go get one.  This pub is not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but close to it.  As we arrived at the village there were cars parked all down the street.  We sat in the garden with OAP's, mummies and babies, workmen in hobnail boots and one revolting Biker with disgusting personal habits who departed very quickly thankfully on a bike that sounded like a Harrier Jump Jet.

The Cobs arrived instantly as did the cider, which in the words of Pete, is orange and has bits floating in it.  
So Cobs are big fat rolls, made with a particular bread which is lovely, stuffed full of with ham, beef or cheese.  I had a wedge of good cheddar in mine and David was in heaven with two slices of beef in his.  Oh such tender beef I wondered if they part braised if first, it just fell apart in your mouth.  
My second was beef.
Masses of tomato cucumber and raw onion (This is where I part company with locals) served too.  I think we will make the effort to come here again.
Look HERE if you fancy going.

On the way back to WaL we took the Road Closed sign, this is the road that has slipped onto the canal.  The good news is the Severn Trent Water Company have accepted liability due to their leaking water main, but the big question is will the road, a former tiny lane leading to a handful of houses and used as a Rat Run between two villages ever by rebuilt?  
Time will tell.

Round one, Cobs at Caunsall, cider too.

Our mooring at Woveley and the smart new solar panels.

Now Reader you might have to be patient with me because as I write this I am in darkest Worcestershire under a small forest and the internet is slow, almost not there.  I'll post photos of the landslip as I get closer to civilisation.

When we returned to WaL the panels were virtually completed.  We had taken so long to decide but within 24hours we realised what a benefit they are in addition what a benefit to the environment too, the environment we like to travel in all summer.

Pete told us very nice things about our batteries and what good condition they are in and if we carry on taking good care of them they should last for a good few years more, these are the original ones fitted in 2012!  

So Reader if you want a brilliant electrician, one with plenty of marine experience, Pete is your man.  I cannot recommend him highly enough. He travels too.

PKJ Electrical

07891 775512

01562 638993

Supper, after that lunch, was a drink in The Lock pub back in Woveley in the sun in the garden, people watching.


  1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing pub! We went on a Saturday evening, it was heaving, people queuing up waiting for it to open. We couldn’t believe it! And what a mix of people, even a small group of twenty-somethings who had an enormous silver platter loaded with cobs. It was great and people so jolly and friendly.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Hello Kath,
    Long time no chat. We loved The Anchor, because it was so very different. Nothing like that where I come from.
    Hope you are well and enjoying this lovely boating weather.
    PS When is the next book coming out? We both laughed out loud reading them, David most annoyingly in bed when I'm trying to go to sleep...