Sunday 19 May 2019

These sola panels are the way to go.

So Reader, I may have used up all my google storage.... I don't really understand any of this so until I have a hands-on tutorial with my IT Consultant this blog maybe photo free.

We woke up the day after the panels were fitted.  David leapt out of bed to look at the panel control box;
Batteries 100% charged.  Smiley face. 
They morning was overcast and still the batteries had already charged up.
Big smiley face.

We saw some Hirer's coming up through Wolverley lock so  signalled to them to leave he gate door open and off we went.

I couldn't shift the paddles so David and I swapped places and he did the winding.  He just loves doing this and was already chatting to a lady crew who was waiting for her boats turn to come up.... I waited and waited for him to appear as the side wash pushed me across the canal towards the waiting boat, finally he appeared limping down the path, 
"Darling you really can't just stand there chatting, you have to leave these people"
"But she was asking questions and was a nice lady"  .....

We passed by the place where David and Sarah had moored the previous day, and there they were just entering the lock in front.  I helped Sarah with the gates, she confessed that she had almost slipped in the canal trying to operate the gate paddle, its in the most tricky position too.

We followed in their wake, in the sun, no breeze even and moored up at Sainsbury's along with several other boats, we did a big shop and very handily went to Specksavers in the store to have our sunglasses adjusted.  Marvellously convenient.

We moseyed down into Stourport.  Having chatted to a lady at a lock, she said they had moored on the Severn last night on good pontoon moorings, she said the pub was excellent.  I didn't telling twice so a plan was hatched.  We moored WaL up on the canal above the lock right behind Sarah and David's boat.  I popped back to Lidil to get a large quota of vegetable crisps which are my favourite.

We invited them for either afternoon tea or cocktails at six, they chose cocktails and we made a happy party chatting for a good few hours.  They are coming to the pub for lunch tomorrow too.

Supper was the avocado dip, crisps and smoked salmon on bread, a bit like party food.  

Batteries 100% still.

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