Monday 29 April 2019

Dropping down into Braunston.

The weather forecast said rain later.  D was up and checking the forecast and then it rained.  
So we delayed leaving Norton Junction or I should say I delayed getting out of bed.   

Then as I was comfy with tea and a good book....
"I think we should go, there's blue sky all around!"  
Now of course the half baked plan had been to go early through the Braunston tunnel, if you don't know it Reader it's quite a long one with a nasty dog-leg at the beginning if you are going our way.

So we set off, it was chilly so I was putting on suitable thermals.  As we approached the tunnel a boat pulled out.  Not usually a problem, he didn't make us brake or anything but it very quickly became apparent that he was a single hander.  Large groans from wife here.  This can, not always, but can mean that wife is doing all the work for two boats at the six Braunston locks.

Into the tunnel and all went well, we only met one boat and no bumps or tinks at all.  We got to the queue of boats waiting at the landing and we were number 3 of four boats, Result!  Single hander went with the first boat who had several crew and we went in with the hire boat which had crept up behind us also with three crew.  
I love it when this happens.

Well, after the first lock I warmed up a bit and took off my outer coat.  After the second lock I took off my second coat.  At this point I went forward to prep locks and then of course the heavens opened and we all got a good soaking with my coat out of reach.

Finally down and out of the bottom lock, unusually for Braunston there were masses of moorings.

We walked right around the moorings in Braunston looking to see if we could spot Al & Del of   HERE  but they weren't to be seen, but David did buy a bargain of a broom in the shop here, a long handled one for £1.99 

A nice sky and reflections here in Braunston, right around the other end.

The beautiful church and the even more beautiful rectory at Braunston.

In doing so this couple of injureds both had leg ache, him from a squash match last week and mine from being a bit too enthusiastic at Aqua a few weeks ago.  We have to pop home in a week or so and I think I'll book a couple of physio appointments...

Supper was sausages and cauliflower cheese.  Lip smackingly good.

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  1. Hi both! So sorry we missed you, and only by a few hours. Hope to get together at some point. Have a fab trip! x