Friday 26 April 2019

Short flit from Bridge 22 to Norton Junction.

So sadly without seeing a single hare, we departed from this gorgeous mooring.  It was sunny, for a while and then it wasn't.  We saw a dead ewe on the canal side, I looked away, I guess it might have been a fox after its death....

Crick was pretty empty, but we didn't stop.  I put a coat on to do the Crick tunnel as when we went through the Husband's Bosworth tunnel I got a complete dripping on as it has small streams cascading onto boats, I then froze.  But only a drip or two in the Crick one.

We came out the other end where the wind was blowing and the noise from the M1 got louder.

A small queue at Watford Locks for us, then the lockkie set us off.  He had already filled the bottom locks for us when as I got sight there was a lady in pink emptying the last lock!

I yelled like an old fish wife in the distance and she stopped then a bit sheepishly.  Turns out they were inexperienced Hirers and hadn't seen the sign for crews to sign in.  As we left the last lock passing the sign we saw it was pointing to the canal, hopeless if you had walked from along the canal as they had.

Nicely there were spaces for us at Norton Junction.  We spoke to another boater who had followed us down, she said she hadn't decided whether to turn left towards London or Right towards Braunston, isn't that just about the best thing about boating?  Shall we go here or there?

At six we met friends Sarah and Andy, not only do they have a narrowboat but they have two and were on their way home from a fabulous ten days aboard NB Enceledas reaching Bugsworth Basin    HERE

We all had a good supper at The New Inn, reasonably priced and huge servings.

I had lasagne, salad and chips, I couldn't even contemplate dessert.

Watford Flight

Lovely blossom here every year.

Today's Pretties

Maybe Hawthorne, possible Blackthorne.

Pretty blue, no idea what.

Grand Union canal immediately above the Buckby Locks.

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