Sunday 2 August 2015

The Fearless Duo

Today we entertained some boaty friends,  Geoffrey and Gerry.  They very generously brought real champagne!

There are yacht sailors who ten years ago sailed away over the big blue yonder not to be seen again sort of thing? Romantic eh?   I reckon quite a few folk dream of doing such but don't manage it.

They returned to the UK a couple of years ago to stop for a couple of years until they are ready to depart again.  
Reader the tales they told me of cross Atlantic sailing, whales surfacing next to you, coming down a huge wave to find their wee yacht among containers from a container ship floating within a few metres of you (These would sink you without trace mid Atlantic) trying to out run a storm gave me nightmares I can tell you!

They find themselves in this county dog sitting just at the right moment to visit WaL nearby, and amazingly although we didn't have a chance to motor anywhere they really liked the boat.  They thought that maybe the could retire to a narrow boat when they are in their late 70's or something.  We chewed the fat for several hours catching up and a few years worth of news.  Goodness knows when we will see them again, or in which country....

Lunch was spicy chicken wraps with that nice guacamole that Verity made plus salad and sweet potato wedges, followed by lemon syllabub and cheeses.

A brilliant day to catch up with old friends again.

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