Wednesday 12 August 2015

Dirty Bridge Hoppers

The above was sent to me by my SILTB (son-in-law to be), he knows that I like a bit of Twitching now and again and thought it might help with identification.

Now today we had to press on.  A mooring was needed for the boats as Lesley and I were off home visiting our mothers'.  She to the east and us to the south.  Joe had three dozen jobs to do for the boat and was staying put with the two darling dogs.

Leaving well behind us Kings Langley

Popular along here for moorings although personally I like a bit more sun.

Lots of canal side development

This lovely lock cottage is now almost entirely surrounded by moderness.

Nice weather, intact it was so sunny I was temporally blinded by the sun at one point and almost drove my bike into the drink.  But that is how Lesley and I worked it, us cycling the route and getting the locks all prepped well in time, the dogs  came too.  It was very quiet the whole way with most traffic on the tow path.

I liked this cottage the most today, it was almost untouched by crazy big extensions.

These last two were opposite each other.

So as we wound our way along, looking for a suitable place for us to leave the boat, around a corner came the most perfect place.  Just north of Cassiobury Park, a nice sunny spot, good dog walking for the boys and we breasted up.  So an afternoon in the sun, packing, sweeping the floors and later still that nice Amanda lady arrived.  She was also going south to drop off her son in Byfleet (Wherever that is) then heading on down to visits her mother dan saff.  She offered to pick us up and we leapt at the offer.  Lesley hired a car to go her way.  Goody goody all sorted.

This is the nice spot.  The whole length here was full of moored boats, near to a bridge for road access.  Bridge Hoppers are us.

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