Tuesday 11 August 2015

A day off and pizza.

So Reader, excuse my absence but its been a busy week.  The day after the last post we moved the grand total of 0.5 miles through one lock and that took us into sunshine and TV reception.  After the longer day yesterday we all wanted a day off.  

Later, Lesley and I walked into Kings Langley along the towpath, a pretty walk and the sun shone.  We both wanted to see the church.  In this church is the tomb of Edmund of Langley.  He was the younger brother of our hero John of Gaunt.  He was born here in Kings Langley and was buried here, hence the name of both.

 Frequent Flyers to this blog will remember that Lesley and I read the book Katherine and all through this mega trip we have taken this summer we have visited places associated with him and his family.  

The church here was unusual in that it is fairly well in the town but has enormous land all around it on three sides, one side is a huge graveyard, one side is now a garden beautifully maintained and the third side is open lawns.  Oh so sad that the church was locked but I suppose thats what you get in towns more these days.  We visited the pub.

Returning to the boats where the chairs were out, the cricket was being avidly followed, the biggest decision to be made was whether we were going to BBQ this evening or go to Oscar's Pizzeria here in Kings Langley as recommended by Jaq & Les from NB Valerie    HERE.  Truly great pizza.  

David took his bike to the place as he wanted to make a hasty getaway to watch the cricket highlights on TV.  Joe, Lesley and I sauntered back.

Pretty cottage, there are quite a few on the GU, several of which I would like to buy.

North facing apartments on the canal side with balconies in the shade.  Not for me.

Lastly a sight to warm the heart of any boater, this is the M25.

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