Sunday 16 August 2015

Colourless skies.

It was a bit of a rude awakening this morning, a bit like a Monday morning back at work after a three week holiday in the sun sort of thing, although I imagine that as I haven't faced a Monday morning in a while now.  Early start as we had the luxury of three crew, three bikes and three windlasses  or cranks as my Kiwi SIL (son -in-law) calls them.  

Tea was summoned and delivered, suddenly the engine started and out Amanda and I ran as the ropes were untied, bikes already deposited on the towpath and off we went.  

I felt adventurous this morning and it showed.... 
I took some black and white shots instead of colour.

Bit gloomy this B&W malarky.

We have found that the GU has been pretty quiet.  David and I haven't been on this section of the GU before nor have The Yars, but those are our thoughts, we certainly hardly passed a boat moving.  I am curious as to what other Boaters more familiar with the GU think.

A giant sized oak tree on the tow path.  Brilliant that it has survived in situ.

A beautiful lock cottage although to my mind it has been messed about with by the adding on of extensions willy nilly, but it has a charming garden which we three stared and pointed at till we remembered that we were staring in someone's lounge and bedroom, but hey that's what you get when you buy a property in such a position.  At least we weren't commenting on how untidy and dusty the place was!

I am sure others know the name of this place, as I don't have the book next to me but its a curious junction with the GU and a wee branch line going off just in front of were Amanda and Lesley are standing, nowadays only a small length navigable.   But as we waited for the lock to empty, this little blue boat arrived, he must have seen us  waiting for the lock to be emptied and decided to do his manoeuvre quickly right in front of the lock.  He approached at a bit of speed, shot the tiller across and turned with white water shooting out behind, then a grinding noise coming from the stern as he took some concrete with him then a wallop as whacked into the railings in front, two passengers who were sat in the well deck were almost propelled out of their seats but they were laughing.  I was a bit stunned at the inept driving, it certainly makes me feel better about mine.....  I have seen almost as bad driving from Timothy West on the telly.

This is what I think the cottage above looked like prior to "Extend-itus" arrived, but a rubbish garden.

I know this has appeared on other blogs, but it is worth a laugh.  It was like a mad vision after a child has been let loose with a design that has been built for him by a TV programme.  I completely love the upturned bath on the towpath and don't at all find it an eyesore, these were long term moorings not visitor moorings I should add.

This was a cracker too, bubble gum pink and a parasol which was almost as long as the wee boat hope it's not breezy tonight.

Beautiful vintage boat, but have you spotted the horror behind him?

My zoomed in version hasn't worked on this blog for some reason, but this glass facade on the rear of this house shows every flaw of non completed housework.... this owner hasn't folded the laundry, tidied the kids toys made the bed or loaded the dishwasher....  I would have to have thick nets should this be my house, actually I would sell it.

Now I like colour but.....

I laughed when this lady popped out of her door, she had a big blue bag and was co-ordinated with the neighbours paintwork

Favourite houses of the day

We moored here finally, golly I think it was almost 1pm, very late.

This was the view form this FAB pub a short walk from the boat.

The Old Orchard nr Harefield.

Lesley took this from the ladies loo, very nice garden, filled with flowers, three courses were had.
Early start again tomorrow.

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