Saturday 29 August 2015

Old folk, winter and Beefers.

We set off bright and early this morning.  As winter is closing in now we all decided that it would be better to Barbie Queue at lunch time or soon afterwards rather than wait for the evening when it gets so much cooler so much more quickly.  Besides, we are all so old now and its a well known fact that old people like to eat early.

So Lesley and Amanda walked with the boys and I didn't.

First lock was here at the colossal Coxes Mill.  Its all conversion into flats now, nice enough I suppose, but the sound of all this running water would keep me up all night.  

We had had a bit of rain last night whether that had effected the race here I don't know, what I do know is that it knocked David right off his balance and pushed him off a mile.

An audible wallop was heard at this point, obviously nobody mentioned it.

Yarwood coming in without a hitch.

Here Joe and I were convinced he had the wrong "Cissy" button pressed....

He denied it and said this was exactly where he wanted to be.

Ten minutes later he came in.  Cameras are good aren't they?

The rest of the journey was uneventful in excitement terms.  At Pyrford lock we wanted to fill with water but the water point is above the lock, over a side race, on a wooden rickety looking platform but there is a Long Term mooring about 60ft in front of that and the ever present NT signs say do not fill while in the lock.  
So we filled up whilst we were in the lock.  

The Yars had gone into the nearby marina to get diesel and watered up while in there.  They returned saying how very conveniently situated all the services are there.
We decided to visit there on the way back.

The Basingstoke Canal entrance.

Differing views on WaL about this canal,  Amanda says its very pretty, she should know having cycled its length yesterday, later on David cycled a section of it and says its a green tunnel closed in and not much in the way of views.  I hate being enclosed by trees, but you may love that.

Ruins of the 12th century Newark Priory, seemingly no access.

We moored up on the lovely open NT meadows at, well they are not named, but it was lovely.
Ready Steady Cook and Joe was out there firing up the Barbie and Amanda and I whizzed up a tomato and basil salad, a couscous with courgette, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar.

We had company.  There is something slightly unnerving when coking and eating beef burgers and being gazed upon by fellow beefers, but not if you are a farmer so David and I enjoyed our food tremendously. 
Sorry and that to any veggies.

Chef par excellence Joe. 

Your turn next.

I was going to have made "Cherry Surprises" but Lesley had made a rather fine Banana and Walnut cake which was served with coffee, two regular teas and two red bush teas.  Nothing is straightforward.
We are all sitting a slightly spaced fashion as Joe had lost the tent pegs for the windbreak, it was fastened to our chairs but that worked admirably, but remember to buy some new ones Joe.

Afterwards Lesley and Amanda cycled the eight or so miles into Guildford.
I didn't.
I believe I sat in the sun. 

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