Monday 31 August 2015


 Now I am all behind like a dog's tail with this blog so this will be a bit of a précis,  When we arrived here in Guildford it was a nice surprise to meet George and Carol from 
NB Still Rockin'    HERE  we were welcomed aboard by the generous couple and had a really good snoop all over their lovely boat, we opened cupboards and of course chatted about toilets, both styles as exhibited on Still Rockin' the composting loo and the cassette variety.  
It is a FAB boat.

Soon it was time for SR to leave Guildford to be off of the Wey in a few days time.  Carol made me laugh in that for them to leave at 7:30am in the morning she has to get woken at 5:30am to be ready in time, the order of events is flexible but involves tea in bed, shower, dog duties, breakfast and I am not sure what else....  I said I would operate the first lock for them.  This was my signal below;

SR reversing past my bedroom window.

When they past us by I got up, in four minutes I was out and running to catch these photos.
The Yars were casting off to go and jump on their vacated mooring which was a cracker on the meadows for the dogs it was a wonderful setting for them all.

Now David had thought that we might reverse and turn about here on this spacious corner but from the footbridge you can see this to be impossible, WaL is longer than SR.

A flawless example of reversing.  Just love this back deck

I wasn't convinced that this wide beam would fit in the locks but it did, we had had a ton of rain and the river was up a bit and Molly had to keep her head down in her favoured seat on the captain's bridge later on at a very low bridge.

Molly keeps a low profile.

I a glad there wasn't a boat waiting on the lock landing to enter this lock.

When we started this boating malarky  our youngest daughter brought us a copy of the Lonely Planet for England.  Since our trip to NZ last winter when David carried it with him for two months he now reads the England one it at each new place we visit.  
The only entry for Surrey is a town called Farnham, about 11 miles away.  We set off.

This was part of the cycle route....

Yep just up this hill

David just about half way up!!!!!

But oh my what a view, once I had recovered the power of speech...

Then we descended which wasn't that good news as later there was a hefty pull up again.

Yes this is the cycle route through chest high bracken

This is Loosley Forest where the ice-cream comes from, thick sand here to clog up your chain a treat.

Then through a golf course over an extremely rough track, then another long graduated hill, alongside a river and finally into Farnham.  Its a lovely preserved Georgian town however the traffic is ghastly.  We fled to Bill's for afternoon tea and David ever sensitive to my moods...... suggested the bus back.  

Farnham is attractive but frankly I wished I had stayed in Guildford shopping, fabulous shops in Guildford ladies.

Supper was chicken salad with tarragon  and raspberry dressing.

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