Friday 28 August 2015


The next day we had a day off, that is to say Amanda cycled off down the entire length of the Basingstoke Canal!  I didn't. I went on bikes with David the other direction back to the Thames and back down to Hampton Court to have a closer look at the gardens.  Joe went to Brooklands Park Museum to play with planes, he even sat in Concorde.

The Kitchen Garden was tremendous, there was a little bit of signage but not nearly enough explaining what they were aiming to do here, there were plenty of people looking but questions remained unanswered.

Terracotta planters hre and there.

Bean pyramids in amongst herbs and lavender.

David disputing the label.

Late violets, mine have long finished.

Some stupendous espalier work.

No idea, looks like auriculars
On the way back, (That is after having coffee and cakes sat in deck chairs in the gardens)  on the way back we watched this with quite a crowd, 

As it came into view, or rather made a turn on the river it became clear that it was being pushed from one side by a wee tug and it had a person on each corner with a walkie talkie, they sailed on by.

We were to have had a Barbie Queue, but where we were wasn't really wide enough and the sky was blackening, so we had a huge omelette, due to my lack of turning over skills it was a 'Scrambled Omlette', for dessert we had blackberry and apple, I think we'll be having that for a while.
Not long after it poured with rain.

PS  Amanda cycled the 32 miles to HAMPSHIRE!!!!  But when she arrived there with the intension of getting a train back she had just missed it.  She phoned her nearby living son who collected her, fed her and delivered her back to us...


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