Wednesday 29 July 2015

Will he make it? One dent or two....?

Well what a fabulous day had dawned after yesterday had indeed been wall to wall rain.  It tapered off long after our bed time.

Last nights mooring

Yarwood had been here overnight, nice bird life to be seen here

There is a hide here of sorts that David and I had looked in, but it was built in a bit of a wind tunnel, had no identifying information pictures and was altogether a bit naff compared to the fabulous one we three had spent a happy half hour in spotting new birds on the Nene.

So this flight today taking us up to the Tring Summit was seven locks, this was the second one where we met this gentleman from CART, he was saying that the water was low, even though it was 7:45am which was a wee bit of a surprise to me.  He had come into work early to check it all and start the pumps I think it was.  We waited and had a tea break till he gave us the all clear .

Lesley and I had our bikes out to make it all a bit quicker

Pretty special to see this Red Kite right low over our heads this morning.

Top Lock and what a FAB house I should think the manager must have had.  I liked the pointed bay window on one side, it had water surrounding it on three sides so I would have been nervous had I raised children here....

This is the pretty sharp turn onto the Wendover Arm, it might not look like it but the wind was gusting,  Lesley suggested I got the camera ready to record for posterity the undoubted wallop....
I told David to make Joe go first and learn by his mistakes.....

Not a scratch not a tinkle and no cissy button was used in this operation

No scratches or tinkles here either but being longer than Yarwood constant use of cissy button might possibly have occurred .

Beautifully quite and narrow I walked with Lesley in the sunshine.

Past this lovely old warehouse.

Beautiful or what>

English or American?

The best that could be had here.

After a spot of brunch off we three went cycling into town, the canal was just down there somewhere, as we stood watching (And regaining the power of speech after the climb up this hill David never told us about) we watched several gliders being catapulted into the air by some elastic band thingy, one came over our heads and went down to land taking us by surprise and clearly as usual the camera wasn't ready. Doh.

Pretty pretty Wendover

Love these ridge tile designs

We went to a Food Fair here and brought goodies of air dried ham, cheeses and special oils.  There was gin in an amazing bottle for sale for £35.  Prices for soppy Londoners if you ask me. 
On the way home we found and followed the old canal that is in part under restoration.  A branch of the Rothchild Family feature heavily in this area, and this bridge was built by them, it has their crest on it still, although bumpy in parts it was a pretty ride back, the water runs clear as its fed by springs from the chalk hills surrounding, indeed water leaks were the main reason for it closure in about 1906.


New section under restoration, having a concrete bottom

Seven plus miles home and it felt like it too.  Although the sky threatened at one point, we Barbie-Queued again and had a great evening

Dramatic skies but no rain.

A good time was had by all.
I shall make a donation to the Wendover Arm Trust  HERE  its such a pretty place to hide for 48 hours.

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