Sunday 5 July 2015

Rude awakening and an avalanche

Moving day, but what a lovely surprise to open the side hatch to this morning, looks like a load of cabbage down there and yes this is the bottom of the river, so incredibly clear, Lesley thinks its due to no boats moving and the wind dropping out over night.  There's oodles of fish flitting about too.

An early start this morning, 06:30.  
Now this is a tiny lie-in to some people, people called Lesley and David.  Now I can get up early if its an emergency and weather conditions are favourable, last and not least if I am woken in a kindly and gentle fashion..... 
What happened turned out to be a cold monster grabbed my foot, I woke with a startled scream, the teacup was banged down on the side and a gruff "We're leaving in ten minutes".  The good news was that Joe had forgotten to remember that we were leaving in the night and was later than me, four minutes later but still later.... 
(It hasn't happened since though Reader).

WaL leaving at 06:34

This is where we had stayed at Thrapston/Islip, the two villages only separated by the river as far as I could see, very pleasant.

First thing you see just around the corner is the lowest bridge on the entire River Nene.   Warning signs at the lock beyond for those coming down river and the previous evening David and I had walked up to see the river height on the boards, curiously these can only be read from the water not from the bank, looks close eh?  But we knew we would easily pass under as the river is on the low side right now.  We passed by the water point here although we never go past water points, due to the fact of three boats moored on there.....

Yes under easily 

Another dolly sized landing

These chains hanging are the height warning for the bridge behind us now, if any pert of your boat touch these chains moor up and
"Phone a friend"

Yarwood approaching
This is what happens when you dress in a hurry and forget that skirts and life jackets don't mix well.

The beautiful bridge joining Thrapston and Islip Lots of arches to choose from, but only one will the boat fit through

Lovely from this side, downstream has the ugly pedestrian bridge attached

Newer one.

The river opened out a bit past here onto water meadows and other nice sunny places, I hope you all have spotted the blue sky and lack of clouds..?
Recently Lesley and I had been reminiscing about the first trip the two boats took together two or was it three years ago, up the Leicester Arm from Debdale and the River Soar, it was then Lesley took the photo of WaL that I use at the top of this blog, but on that trip we met NB Densie,  HERE   we six went onto to do a pub quiz and almost won, pretty much due to them and here they were this morning, so nice to have bumped into you both again.

Mike and Denise form NB Densie

An Owl nesting box one of several all along the way.

Got that?  The Barn Owl peeking out???

This below is Woodford Church, I haven't been there, but David went on his bike at dawn one day he couldn't get there as the road was shut due "To an avalanche" I kid ye not.
Looked pretty nice this morning I thought.

Soon after here we stopped and moored at Rushton Diamonds.  Renewed moorings here and for once a lovely long stretch of good moorings, services are there but they are not available which we simply don't understand why.  Does anyone know the reason boaters cannot use the pump out and water here?

Joe put on his Chef's hat and treated us to a Barbie Queue this evening and what a great job he did too, thanks to Lesley who supplied most of it and the "Shots" too.


  1. Just catching up with my boater's blog reading. Your photos are stunning, and I always enjoy your writing. But up to see Dawn's Crack???? Mercy me, my brain doesn't function on even one cylinder before 10 a.m. But then we often stay up until 1 a.m. I am grateful someone is out and about early when I cannot be; it affords me the chance to enjoy the quiet, solemn joy of pristine mornings through your blog; and that incredible liquid golden sunlight which only appears that color first thing each day.

    What kind of bikes do you have and where did you buy them? I've wanted one for a long time. Do yours have the extra tough wheels to deal with towpath thorns? Where do you keep them stashed when not in use?

    Please give Joe and Lesley big hugs and hello from both of us.

    1. Dear Jaq,
      I know I replied to you privately but here is a resumé if anyone else in interested. Our bikes are Bromptons, we consider that they are they best for our needs as regards to their weight for getting in and out out of their cupboard and the fact they fold down so very neatly. David did in fact get a puncture with a thorn going through the tyre one time, we do have the "Off Road" tyres but mostly we bike on quiet county lanes and avoid the towpath as much as we can as they are so bumpy.
      Thank you again for your pretty comments,
      Lisa x