Friday 10 July 2015

For god's sake turn LEFT!

Its been a lovely couple of days here and one afternoon spent cycling to nearby gardens.  

The access to which proved far too complicated with us trying to get onto the road having chained up the bikes in what we had thought was the car park, to be then informed that there was "No access through here madam" by a long faced estate worker, we walked in the heat on the road, over a stile for a shortcut, then to find the footpath diverted, our temperatures rising well now too, but that was the final straw, we naffed off and had a cream tea somewhere and there were actually given a discount for being CYCLISTS!!  

The Earl of Northampton will have to content himself without our £5 each.

This was the sight that greeted us on our return to the boat, local Yoofs having fun in the sun, what could be nicer?  Except they had a key to operate the guillotine gates freely, were swimming in the lock which we are told at every lock is an offence.  Later still they were whizzing up and down on the footpath on a motorbike through the field occupied by horses and foals and Yarwood's dogs.  As we sat in the sun we all prayed for the tank to run out of petrol.

A bottle of Sparkle was called for and opened. In the sun it mostly was thought all was well with the world, so much so we opened another, then another but this time with crisps.  Much laughter could be heard and was especially loud when Lesley took a wrong turn off of the plank and ended the wrong way up on the bank in the flowers, but she was soon righted.
When the sun went down, we all went in to ponder on being up and departing at 6:30am, what were the chances eh?

The warmth of the sun has a good effect on people don't you think?

Not quite dawn but all misty this am

On our way and still grey

Still grey

Oh bugger, we were talking and took the wrong turn, REVERSE!!


This was another near miss but now we were fully awake.

This was a most pleasant trip as most days have been, it may not look it but the sun was finally beginning to show, but it was only about 8am.

So this was at 9:30am and a boat moored on the Lock Landing, so thats alright then isn't it?  He left as we were filling the lock.

A campsite at Billings Lock Aquadrome was heaving

Have you seen the size of some of these caravans??  They were like Horse boxes with extensions on

Joe kindly reminded me to duck my head here.

Lesley turning this lock back to its empty state on leaving.

This was opposite our kitchen window tonight.

Nicely breasted up on Weston Favell Mill pontoon.

We are on the eastern side of Northampton, its quiet here and in the afternoon we three cycled into town for a look around.  Lesley knows the town a wee bit.  

Supper was a very simple omelette tonight. 

(PS Yes we were all up early after the wine).

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