Thursday 2 July 2015

We had a fabulous couple of days

Its been a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days here at Wadenhoe.  
What we didn't know about until we visited is that a great part of the village is held by the Wadenhoe Trust, you can read all about them   HERE   but the quick version is to keep the village just so, a village that does not become a dormitory for wealthy commuters and for second homes.  

Watering up prior to departure
Another one of those sunny days that I like so much, off we set.  Rather nice around here.

Waterlilies just coming into flower.

Hiding, great set of horns you have there mate.

Open views here

See that sunhat out again....?
Lesley snapping me, maybe for her blog.......?

Yarwood just disappearing around the bend

We landed at Thrapston after just a short hop and moored up on very nice visitor moorings.  I glimpsed a Kingfisher but sadly, although I watched and watched I didn't see it again the whole time we were there.

In the afternoon I joined Lesley to walk her boys.  Lesley has been on the River Nene previously and she showed me a lovely walk further along the river to Denford, to the Cock pub but it was closed!  So we walked back again and had a drink in the sun in Islip at The Woolpack, then home to the men.

Walking with the boys

Boys paddling

Stolen from Facebook but it made me laugh.

Supper was  chicken salad with fresh fruit.

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