Tuesday 28 July 2015

Obsessing and the Spanish

The forecast was a shocker today, rain, rain and more rain, however it was better than where we live at home where gales were added to the mix.

David got up pretty early (For me that is) and cycled off with his Ordinance Survey map in a plastic bag and full wet weather kit to meet NB Yarwood at about where that Lock destroying Milk packaging plant was located.  He was going to help them along to get them back to the GU before the rain set in proper.  
I woke up unaided and dressed.  I was on a mini mission to empty the rubbish two bridges back before it started raining.  Frequent Flyers to this blog will remember certain ongoing themes, one is gin and another is rubbish disposal.  David insists that I am totally obsessed by its removal from the boat and its environs but I on the other hand see it as a necessary part of maintaining a non odorous atmosphere.... So I do so every other day if possible, I have been known to do up a bag for him to distribute to a bin on his early morning ride out, there is usually a bit of muttering that goes on when I have done this as a surprise for him.

Actually I do think as a couple we generate far more rubbish on the boat than we do at home where I have five recycling boxes in the garage (This is another area where David and I disagree, he is adamant that it all ends up in Landfill and further hates it when I take the recycling to my local park and empty the boxes myself after him paying for the service).

On the way to the bins I met this chap on the roof of the next boat.

The rain has arrived and so has Lesley and the Boys.

Joe entered the pair of Staircase locks here adjoining the main Grand Union canal.  I shouldn't say but this Rookie crew on the left had the wrong paddles up again and had to be corrected by the "Rubbish lady" as he calls me

This paddle should have been down at this point.

TV coverage was required by Yarwood for what was going to be a long wet day, so they passed by where we were and went through one more lock to be in the Tring Reservoir area, David thought we might as well go up the double lock with them as he was wet and in his kit, but I said no as I hadn't even got a coat on.

Another of those double bridges.

Joe popped into the double lock with another boat who surprisingly had just set off.  He was going to to the flight of six locks I think to be at Tring proper.
Back to the boat to write a blog post, tidy boat, play on Facebook and get out my Kindle.  I really like these cosy rainy days, but only now and again mind.

Supper was Spanish omelette, with fried up potatoes peppers, mushrooms and lardons.  Then the eggs were bad so it simply became a Spanish I guess!


  1. I have a thing about getting rid of the rubbish as well. I try an do it once a day if at all possible! If for whatever reason we stay in the marina I can get rid of it two or three times a day. As you pointed out I think we make more rubbish on the boat then we do at home.

    1. Nice to have a sympathetic comment on this. I get no end of leg pulling about rubbish bags, if we've had fish then its on deck overnight!!!