Sunday 12 July 2015

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat...?

So Reader here is by way of a catchup for what has been going on these last few days.  

David and I have come home several days ago to attend 
"The Wed Fest" of my niece Hannah down in darkest Sussex, while we have been away Them Boater Sharers arrived again. 
Now days and days ago, The Yarwoods and ourselves had been invited over to visit The Boat Sharers gaff, we feasted on on scones with jam and cream and a big sponge cake on arrival, then a bike ride around the place, then back for Sparkles and dinner in the garden, altogether a FAB afternoon but we had to drive through three counties to get there.   Here are a few photos of the afternoon

An Art installation in their garden.

The Gaff

Inside this Skyscape.....

Where you look at this, the uninterrupted sky, no roof, needs sweeping out now and again.

Dessert was chocolate mousse  with strawberries and Lemon creams,  I ate all of mine then  afterwards I felt a tiny bit sick.

We enjoyed an couple of days with them both while NB Yarwood went into Northampton to stop over in a marina there.  They do this periodically to plug into the "Leckkie" charge up the batteries and as Lesley puts it "Wash everything twice".  I am not quite as bad as that but I do bring  the king sized duvet and sheets home as these articles do have a habit of fighting back when faced with the washing machine.
So the BS's (Boat Sharers) arrived with their bikes, one of ours was departing with us for repairs at home owing to it not having any brakes to speak of.  The BS's have matching orange ones, (they often dress the same too).

So just where an I to put these?  Well Reader one ended up on my side of the bed, not at all annoying there.

Part of the luggage, I couldn't help as i was barricaded inside...
Bye bye Yars for now.

So off we set, yes going the wrong way, as the BS's are with us for a fortnight they wanted to see the Nene, so back er went to see it from the other direction, we all know that canals look very different form the other direction, well rivers do too.

Reversing back onto the Washlands

Pretty blowy here.

Back through the Flood Lock.

Nice to see the Bossy One doing some work he's a Rookie, see how he is on the wrong side?

Just avoided scraping on this corner

David demonstrating "Tree" pose from his yoga routine, I am not sure why.

Smiley bunch.

Now believe this or not, although we are Bestest friends, we live miles apart, I brought my new sunhat last year in Sussex to go to NZ with (and wore it everyday), Amanda brought hers seven years ago, yes SEVEN YEARS AGO, I had never seen it but here we are in the same hats!

Camera beer and just look Reader no one holding the bloody steering wheel.

One of a few Turning wheels to raise and lower the gate, takes a lot of puff

Lassoing lesson begins.

We moored up at Earls Barton again and went off cycling, now this was because the forecast was rain, then it rained, then we moored up and had lunch and it stopped raining, otherwise the BS's would have gone on until 8 or 9pm I reckon.

Can't remember what this village was called but the church was Tudor and Amanda loves Tudor.

A note here for Jaq on NB Valerie, see we do go Off Roading a tiny bit with these bikes, but it was very dry and we soon were back on the lanes again, this was a shortcut towards another village.

View taking.

So supper was provided by the BS's, his Long Horn beef, rump steaks with salad and sweet potato wedges.  
Pretty bloody marvellous and guess what else arrived via them.....?  A replacement ladder, ( I wonder if we shall use it ever)   We needed one from when we had ours carelessly lost by the last boater aboard on The Great WC Part 2, now remind me again, who was that?

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