Friday 8 May 2015

Well what a night!

We did get a small soaking yesterday afternoon prior to mooring up at Zouch,  so to avoid this happening again David was sure that we should be leaving early today as the forecast was showers after lunch again.
Good plan and I agreed.  However this was all decided before the night before.  
We decided that to preserve the boat batteries it was agreed that the TV should only come on after 9:55pm in time to get that all important exit poll prediction. 

Like a lot of other people, we were stunned, and stayed stunned for some considerable time.  

At about 11:45pm the best part of the whole thing when a rumour on Twitter that Ed Balls was going to lose his seat.  I gave a loud scream and here and now I do apologise to the neighbouring boats. 

So not too early a start after all, what with Himself coming to bed at 4am and then getting up again at 6:30am.... (I might just add he is napping as I write this right now next to me).

So this morning dawned bright sunny and warm, not a breath of air moving the trees.
The first problem was trying to open Zouch Lock bottom gate, it got to about 45 degrees then stopped dead.  So I tried to close it again and give it another whoosh, exactly the same.  

Zouch Lock filling with a heck of a force

WaL approaching said lock.

David climbed out, gave me a comprehensive explanation of what I was doing wrong.....  all together then, heave, the gate reached the same place and stopped.  On about the sixth attempt it shifted, he skipped back onboard and exited the lock then the gate was shut again, however I did call CART however to notify them there may be a problem under the waterline.

Here is the evidence of what lovely weather for boating it was.

I would like to know what birds these are for all close together?

I hate these after his mate ate all my pet ducks.

David hates these as they eat all his cows grass. Where's my gun?

We reached the junction of the  river Trent, the Erewash canal and the Trent and Mersey canal, after filling up with water, we moored here. 
We walked around the corner to glimpse at the Erewash canal 
The Steamboat, there was tempting when I saw a sign for homemade soup, ordered two and it was delicious broccoli and stilton.

Back to the boat QUICK for the 1 o'clock News to see Mr Balls's speech, it just gets better, I danced a jig.

Dinner this evening was salmon, courgette salad with lemon and chilli with sweet potato wedges

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