Tuesday 26 May 2015

Return of the prodigal

David was arriving back form London this morning, he had attended the cricket with one daughter and her poor Kiwi husband who had had to suffer David's gloating over the match, then they had all stayed the night with another daughter.

Truth to tell on the very day of her wedding in New Zealand,  the England team had put up one of her staunchly fought defeats and collapsed, again, it had been mightily depressing to all attending Brits had had to put up with the same good humoured ribbing, what comes around goes around I guess.  The day after the wedding an intense game of BYC was played, know what that is??  
Back Yard Cricket, it was similar to the Ashes but all came away with some credit and all remained friends.

Soenjoying a lack of nagging, I stayed in bed reading THIS  until the last possible minute, then all too quickly there he was, Beloved.

Lesley and Joe had also waited around for us and as David changed his clothes Yarwood watered up and went off first, I think all of us "Washers" needed water and then diesel at the marina just out of Saxilby, so no point in us all arriving together.  Actually Clarence and Seyella had departed the previous day as they had arrived a day before us in their search for 3G, 72 Hr moorings here.

Just after Saxilby

Pretty cute eh?  I think the mother has eaten a tennis ball though.

We had much less diesel left than we thought so we were filling up at this marina which we had be told was the last marina till Boston that has a good price.

We hooted like mad as David oh so slowly made the turn into the marina, we had been told and had seen that cruisers belt about the place, it would be horrid to have one hit us. 
Yes you've guessed it Yarwood was still blocking the service bay...

Yarwood blocking our way.

Big expensive cruisers here, luckily lots of space between us and them

 They eventually served us at a base price of 75p per litre.  We hooted like mad creeping out again too.

The last leg of the journey was past a line of Longterm Moorers, official ones I mean, quite a variety of boats in a relatively short space.

Then onto our mooring, Group Captain Geoff had booked these for us and although the Harbour Master warned us about the student revellers who had finished their exams today and would be marauding tonight on a 'Party till you puke' basis, the night passed off pretty well.  We were breasted up to Yarwood, they go on the shore-side as it were so their two dogs and get off easily, Clarence just behind and Seyella just behind them.
Happy Days.

Supper was salmon & french beans with feta cheese softened on them.  There may have been chocolate too but I can't be sure. 

Dear Reader, 
I have been extremely aggravated by the enduring quality of Geoff's photos that he puts on his blog

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