Thursday 28 May 2015

Ooooooh 'Painted Ladies'

We had a lazy morning following yesterday, lots of nothing went on but the Usher Gallery here in Lincoln opened at 1pm today, so I managed to be dressed by about 11am.   David had read that they have work by Lowry  and Turner.

They had an exhibition on Women and how they have been portrayed through the last centuries. Here are my favs;

This is the oldest, most respectful portrait of the artists mother in 1613.

1890 by Lincoln born artist Warrener who went off to Paris and became close friends with Henri Toulouse-Lautrec whereupon his style changed towards that of the French Impressionists

1890 again Warrener painting Can-can dancers of Monmartre

No not 21st century but 1934 Australian painter Horace Brodzky

Duncan Grant's study of his daughter Angelica Garnett for his work in the Cathedral 1957

Henry Moore 1973 "Image of stark rolling hills and figures half emerging from darkness" dedicated to WH Auden after his death

Phew got that?  I bet Group Captain does not put up naked women on his blog...

David marginally disappointed that the Turners' and Lowry's are not on display today.
By the time we had got half way around the Museum of Lincoln, it was 4pm and they were closing, I had only just started Saxons and Vikings, so we will have to come back again one day.

Supper was local sausages from Boston, brought locally, delicious.


  1. Naked ladies on MY blog? Not a chance, not even in the pursuit of art! I don't know what you were thinking of... ;-)

  2. Spoken like a TRUE Group Captain,