Saturday 9 May 2015

A day of rest.....?

So as we had arrived here at the river Trent and the junction of the Erewash canal, we sat pretty waiting for two other boats to catch up.  One was NB Clarence who arrived a short while before NB Yarwood.  We are all heading towards Nottingham together.

Waves here this morning....

NB Yarwood came into view, not top quality as it was snapped on my phone.

The wind had steadily increased through the night and a fair bit of wammering around WaL had done too.  When David could stand the clumps no longer this morning he went out and played around with other dangly bits, but was defeated by a wedged fencing post floating in a tricky place.

So as we are not moving today we had decided to cycle up the Erewash canal as we won't be boating along it this trip.  I was encouraged by the cycle path too, wide with tarmac.  It eleven miles David said so we toddled off.

Here are a few shots.

This pub is on the site of a former gallows, yuk.

Prime development potential
I think it said dates from 1790's
To my Reader in NZ.. Think Coronation Street but with water.

Love this, the old factory has been demolished but the old chimney is used for phones
The canal is surprisingly a good green corridor.  

I certainly flagged on this ride, David said eleven miles, I had thought this a round trip but no.  I am now resting gently and will need an early night.

He is cooking supper, beef burgers with salad and wedges.  I had an early glass of wine to help with sore saddle.


  1. Any excuse for an early glass of wine! Surely you can buy an ointment to treat sore saddle?
    On another matter, I too look forward to a photograph of 'handsome godson'
    Cheers! Louise x

  2. You didn't look looked thirsty

  3. Yep I was thirsty, had a cup of tea and a lay down!!