Friday 29 May 2015

Long hard day

We have to get to Boston for the crossing ultimately, but we don't have that far to go, so no great shakes on time as there is plenty of time.
That in mind we moved today, Yarwood and Clarence went off early as "Pathfinders", the lock only takes two of course and I think all the boats wanted to use the services on the lock landing so no point in us going too quickly. 

A little later Seyella rounded the corner and we set off .

This FAB cruiser dating from the 1960's was moored with us overnight, slightly older couple had had it for ten years and are considering selling, so keep your eyes open if this appeals to you too.

David and Margaret in the lock together

Margaret loves Geoff so she picked him up afterwards....

I walked around the corner and yes this is them all mooring up.
Yes, we all went about 500 metres today to Bardney Village moorings.

Yes really 500 metres, I walked it as I am not great at climbing down ladders.  Group Captain leaps about all over the place.

One of those big skies I mentioned

Almost forgot, we went off on bikes to see the Abbey at Bardney and found this church in the next village, St John the Divine at Southrey  SEE HERE  

This is a modern window in the tiny church in Southrey village.

The church is owned by the village and not the Church so to speak.  These are service lost form this village, they are in their uniforms from the 1st WW 2nd WW and conflicts in modern times. Their faces are copied from their own service records, You will see that two did not have photos on their records so their names only are recorded.  One soldier Private AE Longmate aged 22,  died 22nd October 1918, so very close to the armistice.It was the most touching and heart wrenching memorials I have seen. 

I have tried and tried to turn this picture!! It is not on its side in my photo file but I wanted to include it anyway, The
church is tiny and much much over by the village.

Speedy cyclists Lesley and David at the Bardney Abbey ruins.

Butternut squash and courgette risotto for supper with shaved parmesan and a very good New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

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