Thursday 21 May 2015

A Duke a puncture and Morecombe & Wise

Torksey has proved to be a most pleasant place to stop, for one BIG thing there are moorings that are most friendly and welcomed to us little narrow boaters. 

Long straight moorings with armco and bollards, welcomed change.

We all spent a most pleasant late afternoon on WaL drinking tea and other and eating Ginger and white chocolate crunch.  Maybe a glass of wine I can't be sure. But it is jolly to be travelling 'En masse' so to speak.

The next day we had an excursion on wheels, a Brompton Bash.  That was the three of us Lesley myself and David went off together on a short ride to a nearby village or really now a hamlet maybe of Kettlethorpe.  The Clarences and The Seyellas had gone on ahead to Saxilby as Derek needed 3G and little here. 

Kettlethorpe was the one time home of Katherine Swynford, who not only starred in Anya Seton's book written in the 1950's but she founded a dynasty The Tudors, she did have a little help from a Duke, but its all in the book HERE   

Sad to say there is little of the medieval hall left at Kettlethorpe save the gateway.  Its quite a thought to be in the place where she walked and raised her children.
The current house there was built much much later, but the barns we could see were pretty old.  Its all private property now so we stayed on the church property.

In the church there is plenty of information on Katherine, her husband and the Duke, to Lesley and myself all very interesting and I have just started to read the book, Lesley has too but for the umpteenth time in her case.

Had some repairs this lovely old barn next to the gatehouse

Morecombe and Wise in fancy dress, notice the stylish feet?

Now this is only what is left of the medieval hall.  Still impressive, worthy of a Footballers pad I'd say.

On the way home, David got a puncture, so we took cover in a pub, I am not completely sure if the two things were linked...

My favourite Hake for tea with sweet potato wedges.  Food of the gods. 

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