Tuesday 12 May 2015

Nottingham, Poldark and Jerusalem

Lets see Nottingham.    David and I wanted to see Nottingham Castle not having been here before.

Peeping over the top is Nottingham Castle, under is evidence of the manmade caves.

 So we hiked up to it and on the way saw this;

The man himself, Robin Hood.

Going into the castle grounds you can easily see that the medieval castle of long ago tales has long gone and what is there now is more like a stately home in looks.  

There was a temporary exhibition now on, the man said it was a repeat of the same exhibition held in 1894 I think the date was on "Cornish Light"  what on earth is that i said to myself.... We paid our pennies and I was THRILLED to find that it was on the Cornish schools of painters from St Ives, Falmouth and Newlyn.
Oh boy what a treat!  Anyone want to see my favourites?

Spearing by Henry Edward Detmold 1892

Across the harbour by Francis Wright Bourdillon 1892

Now if you have been watching Poldark you know what they are doing.. Pilchard catchingI am sorry to say I didn't make a note of the painter of this one. Amazing colours.

St Ives Harbour (Smeaton's Pier) by Will Osborn

Now this is a well known one, called something like "All hope Lost" as she realises her husband must have perished now.  So angry with myself not to have taken the artist's name.

Fantastic exhibition of stunning art that finishes on the 7th June '15 I suggest everyone goes quickly.  DETAILS.

So we agreed to meet up here, how great is this?  The oldest pub in England.

Nestled in right under the castle.
Pretty old eh?

Bit hard to see, but it looks like it is cut into the rock on which the castle sits.

Ancient flagstones.

So we joined Sheila and Derek form NB Clarence and Joe and Lesley from NB Yarwood and had a delish Thai lunch, then those two girls shopped whilst I brought not a thing!

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