Friday 22 May 2015

Oooooooo what a treat.

A lazy morning today but in the afternoon David and I cycled off to Doddington Park, a tiny village only about five miles away to the south, we had to go quickly as it is only open one weekday and the weekends, it also closes at 4pm, so get a bloody move on woman!

A lovely ride down on a minor road, but even so it was a busy road, but what a treat when we arrived and saw this;

A stunning Tudor mansion

The Gatehouse and church.
Built or rather finished in 1600, it was built for a Mr Tailor who was a Registrar to the Bishop of Lincoln, so he was clearly doing quite well in his job.

150 years later it changed hands and was the subject of extensive alterations and thoroughly modernised for the Georgian Age , a period which I love too.  
Lots of artefacts here including these to sketches done by a family member in the Victorian era

Kelham Bridge that we have passed beneath

Newark Castle in 1838 I think it says.

These sketches have been commissioned into wallpaper which is hung in one tiny room.

I had thought this was Meissen but no, all English Staffordshire.

Georgian Drawing Room, my fav.

Although the Knot Gardens were not quite at their best but soon will be, there was masses of colour and plants quite far on in the walled gardens.  Very impressive.

Tudor style knot gardens which will be fantastic in two weeks time.

David uber impressed at the kitchen garden in full production supplying the farm shop and the cafe here.

Dead impressed he was.

Late tulips.

A whole bank of Azaleas. 

Peony for Lesley.

Loadsa of Irisis.

Oh yes then this.....

Biscuits and cheese for supper after this.

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