Sunday 24 May 2015

Rounders and a curry

David went off today and left me, not exactly in a huff, more like with a hop and a skip and hardly a backward glance...... He was off to Lords to see England v New Zealand play Rounders as Joe puts it.  He had asked if I would be alright alone all day, but Reader I couldn't be more thrilled.

Lesley and I had a trip planned, we were off to Gainsborough Old Hall.  HERE   

A nice easy trip on the train, short walk, then this faced us

Actually the side view, south facing.

Close up and Knot gardens recreated.

Wonderful wobbly walls

Chimneys and toilets, us boaters love talking toilets don't we?

So we have here a huge Medieval Manor with a great hall, then Elizabethan extensions and a Lodging wing built on as servants quarters and later for travellers, posh ones, a bit like a B&B.
The last photo above is the back of the Lodging wing so you can see the individual chimney stacks and the other sticky out sections I am sure are the Garderobe or toilet's.

Stepping inside it was a complete surprise that the Old Hall is still mostly in the untouched state from that time, as if the Tudos stepped out and never came home again.  

I can't recommended a visit here more highly for those that like their history, Gainsborough is a National Treasure I think.

Look at that! Great Hall roof

Opposite the dais

Opposite the dais the centre way leads to the kitchen, L is the Pantry R is the Buttery

Reproductions of Tudor pitchers and plates. 

Anyone know what this one is for? Its open on the end its stood on with a wee spout.

Butt's kept under lock and key by the Butler in the Buttery.

Dias where Lord and Lady would have sat.

One of two huge fire places in the kitchens

Second of the two huge fireplaces

Kitchen roof with later added vents to allow more light in and the smoke and heat out

Little wee rooms up there where kitchen surfs would have slept.

Sola, private apartments of the Lord and Lady of the manor

Private ensuite in the Tower room where its just possible that Henry VIII slept, he definitely stayed here

Upstairs are the bedrooms or Solas, they lady of the medieval manor would have spent her free time there sewing or weaving or with her children.   

Henry VIII visited Gainsborough Old Hall in 1541 when married to Catherine Howard, his fifth wife, a bit of a "Go-er" was she which got her into a spot of bother with her husband, he was displeased, unforgiving and ordered her head to be removed.  By a bit of a co-incidence, (Catherine Parr who he married two years later) 
had also lived at Gainsborough Old Hall having been married to the then owner's son 12 years previously in 1529 when she was 17.
All great stuff.

It really was 'A Grand Day Out' for us girls and you will find much nicer photos on Lesley's blog  HERE.

A nice curry lunch followed and quiet evening with me reading long into the night without anyone asking for the light to be turned out.....

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