Wednesday 13 May 2015

Leaving Nottingham

Leaving Nottingham on a nice morning, when it came to it we left alone, well three boats travelling and only double locks.
I have enjoyed Nottingham and may well come back here again in the future.  

Here are a few of the sights as we left.

Castle Meadow moorings, see the sunshine?

Nice south facing apartments.

Craft beer available here that David wanted to try but didn't.

We got to the first lock with water and filled up and emptied the bin.  While it was filling and as no one there we wiped the side of the boat down, and my bike got a well deserved scrub after its muddy ride the other day along the Erewash.

The other two boats came into view only one wanted water so we carried on with NB Clarence.  The wind had picked up a bit here right next to the wide open river...

Everso nearly cloncked this...

This is either a cricket pitch or a football ground.

Now the wind really started to blow

By the time we got down to where NB Seyella was moored the wind was going mad.   Geoff popped out to help us land, coming in close.... well then it all happened so quickly WaL was taken by the strong current to an unseen entrance to the National canoe slalom course that we didn't know was there... Wal walloped the large steel posts painted red and white then hit the landing which is also solid steel for a second after it was quiet then the language was dreadful.

So we ended up with a bent "Swan neck" and the tiler handle gone.
A big thank you to Geoff did sterling work taking of ropes as we "Crash landed".  No photos unsurprisingly.

A moment of calm reflection followed aided by tea supplied by Geoff and Mags and doughnuts supplied by Lesley and then a walk with Lesley's lovely boys and Meg who brought Geoff along.

 Behind us is the Nottingham rowing course, see the waves? 

Lesley said "Sit!" and Geoff did straight away.

So this is the slalom finish...

Sausages for supper, plus a stiff gin.

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