Friday 22 May 2015

A surprise, The Police and a party.

We two boats left Torksey early in the morning for the quick flit along the way to catch up with our other Boating Buddies at the next town along the Fossdyke Canal at Saxilby.  

Look carefully to see NB Yarwood in front

Its straight alright, after the bendy bendy tidal Trent.

So its hard to believe I know but it seems the Romans built this canal, hence its so straight, to my new Reader in NZ, yes the Romans from two thousand odd years ago, howzat for a spot of history eh?  
When we arrived at Saxilby, this was the sight that met us

Group Captain and Lesley being questioned by the Police!

It turns out that this is the designated day that 24 trainee Police Officers are sent to Saxilby to patrol in pairs and practice Policey stuff, we were surrounded and kept falling over them at street corners.  
Small bit of drama when we three went on a expedition to the 
Co-Op when a lorry was trying to pass a row of parked cars and an oncoming Chelsea Tractor had forgotten how to reverse 
(Or refused) then six Police Officers rushed to sort it out, almost tussling together to wave arms and point fingers.  Lorry released, CT remembered how to reverse and all ended happily.

After that Co-Op was a breeze but the sky was threatening and when we had finished it had started to rain.  Joe had materialised to carry the shopping for Lesley and it just seemed a good idea to take shelter in The Angler on the way back.  

Home again and the rain came and went and came and went then much later Joe was there knocking at the hatch asking to borrow Redbush teabags....? An odd request as I have never seen him drink tea, but I would give him the pillow off my bed if he asked.  Then a Lesley sent me a photo of Amanda, I just thought she had muddled her fingers on the phone as I do all the time.  Finally when all doubt had gone that I could have ever worked for the intelligence services, Lesley rang to say she is here!!!  We scooted along to Yarwood to find my best friend in their kitchen drinking Redbush tea.  

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The funny thing is that her husband David was expecting her home at the time she said and had put the kettle on in Norfolk, but here she was supping tea in Lincolnshire!  He can see where she is on his phone under such circumstances and knew exactly what she was doing.  
The Clarences had invited all the Convoy along for dwinks so Amanda came too to meet everyone.  Lesley was the clever one who remembered to take a photo, where is it Lesley?

From L to R Clarence, Seyella, cruiser then WaL and bringing up the rear Yarwood

Amanda had to depart of course because of that job thing she has, but we'll see her again soonish.  She is now under the impression that travelling in a convoy with strangers who have quickly become good friends is one long party.......

Liquid lunch and afternoon tea today and Spanish omelette for supper.  Plus chocolate that Amanda restocked me up on, Thank you.

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