Saturday 16 May 2015

Day off in Newark

So the day dawned bright and sunny.  David and I set off to explore Newark.  
We went to the bus station firstly to find out times to Southwell, but firstly a wander around to look for The Old Bakery,   HERE  and it was as good as they say.  It was,  I had homemade ravioli and a slice of rhubarb and custard cake.

So onto the bus for Southwell.  We were to visit the National Trust Workhouse here.

Looks quite pleasant.
This one one of the first of this type, in that 60 neighbouring parishes sent their poor here.  The conditions were so dreadful that it was only as a very last resort that people would go into it.  

The wall was sufficiently high that no inmate could see over it.
It was a very interesting visit but rather depressing too.      Husbands and wives separated, mothers and children parted to be reunited only on Sunday afternoons.

Next to see was Southwell Minster.  Now I had never heard of this town but it in possession of a zoning great cathedral.  Kings and queens visited here on their route to visit the kingdom.
Sadly I have no photos of the minster and I am not really sure why.
Beautiful grounds all around the minster too and some very posh dress shops too.

After the bus ride back to Newark and David wanted to try this place   HERE    He said the beer was brilliant, this pub does not sell spirits so I had lemon and lime cider!  It was really nice.

WaL is just in sight on the right hand side of the riverbank, use your magnifying glass.

Oh by the way this is the tiller after Martin fixed it yesterday.

Pretty good eh?

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