Monday 11 May 2015

River Trent down to Nottingham

So a request has flooded in to see my handsome godson.  
Here he is;

Yesterday saw us leaving Trent Lock I think its called, travelling in convoy down the river Trent, a first for us, but before I could get a shot of the three boats Yarwood had set off at dawn, so this left us and NB Clarence to scoot along after them.  Must think of a way to slow them down a bit, I know, I'll tie the mooring knots for Joe!

We arrived at Cranfleet Lock with those wonderful things that I love called volunteers, two of them, it was bright and sunny and they were both most jolly and energetic.  A grand start.

Exiting Cranfleet Lock with NB Clarence, I am only sorry to have decapitated the volunteers.

The canal joins the river here.

On we went downstream.

Cute eh?  In a bit of a sad state, but way too near the river for me

We needed water and decided against doing that at Cranfleet as the water point was very short, on a stretch of high concrete at a height most suited to gouge your paintwork, so we did it at Beeston.  There was one boat on the water point but as we descended the lock another was reversing back to take his turn next, while we waited, David did this;

I wish he cleaned his shoes with such attention..... Note Life Jackets.
Finally our turn and this was what we faced;


We were short of about 10ft of landing to get on and off, why don't CART allow for 70ft boats?  Not at all annoying.  There are Private mooring beyond so can't they be nudged down a bit?

We carried on the last short hop in Nottingham and got on the moorings at Castle Meadows I think its called.  Most pleasant and conveniently located next to Sainsburys.

Supper was biscuits and dolce latte cheese after fat egg and tomato sandwiches for lunch then big fat scones butter and jam with the crew of NB Seyella later in the afternoon.

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