Thursday 10 April 2014

Hooters and stupids.

Tuesday 8th April

Hooters going and a deal of yoohoo-ing and there was our “Old Gentleman”, we hadn’t seen him since last spring but this marvellous man known only to us as Peter, has his own boat, he sails up and down the Leicester Arm, he is ex-RAF so enjoys plane spotting and watching nature and reading avidly on his kindle, oh yes and he’s in his mid 80’s, very interesting chap, so glad he took the time to stop, moor up and bang on the side.

Poor Amanda awoke with one of her heads, so after trying to walk it off went back bed with pills in a darkened room. 
       David and I very stupidly washed the roof, we did a marvellous job, we rinsed it, then we polished it, gleaming it was.  Pushed off to Crick to do a supermarket sweep then into Crick tunnel, which was ūber wet and left the gleaming roof covered in water and later white residue.  I’ll wipe it in the morning when its wet says Stupid Number 1, could he heck, so Stupid Number 2 and Amanda had almost to wash it with the shampoo and polish it again, 70ft is a lot of roof to do twice.  Stupids have both learnt their lesson.

M1 going overhead at Watford Locks

Locks looking very pretty

Looks like a nasty accident, but no.

Bish Bash Bosh through Watford Locks and moored up at Norton Junction, well way back in the trees without any 3G which we missed.  A starter of Squeaky cheese with sun dried tomatoes, set off to The New Inn for a beer then home for Lincolnshire sausages with roasted veg, sweet potatoes and scattered rocket (That was Amanda’s arty touch).

Tiny rental boat NB Hector


  1. Blimey Lisa - you're posting 'em quicker than we can read 'em. Very enjoyable though - keep it up xx

    1. Hahaha, I was playing catchup, I am getting better at this malarky but not quicker.