Sunday 27 April 2014

Hares and Tortoises

David wanted to make a bolt today for Hungerford.  The forecast had said rain by 11am and set in for the day.  He scooted off to buy his newspaper whilst I dozed and thought about moving off.  It was only a two hour trip today, so he wanted to be gone by 9am, quite reasonably.

David arrived back with the paper, cursing under his breath about the earliness of the rain and the inaccurate weather forecast.  It was bucketing down at 8am, it threw all his plans out of the window.   I relaxed back in bed, retrieved my reading glasses and rejoiced in the advantages of 3G in the bedroom.  (Non boaty friends this is very unusual) and read on my kindle. David called out from the kitchen he would make breakfast and reassess the situation then.  Marvellous, breakfast in bed, there is not nearly enough of that when one is married to an insomniac. 

Later I was debating on what to wear that day, comfy cords or plastic trousers.  “We are not going anywhere for a couple of hours at least” says Captain, so comfy cords it was.  Looking out of the window it was raining so hard the like of which we hardly ever see on the south coast, it continued for 11 hours, I kid ye not. Domestic chores soon loose their thrill when enforced but I did the floor and the bathroom…. To make it slightly worse it was a skinny day or I would have just got totally pissed. 

David made broccoli soup for lunch and in the afternoon we watched a Christmas present from our youngest daughter Verity, it was Smiley’s People, the 1982 version with Alec Guinness, I have to say it hadn’t lost any of its appeal, the acting was superb.

David has worked out some mileage figures. The Lewis’s had done in their four full days, 63 miles and 33 locks and we have done 9 miles and 13 locks in exactly the same, four days.  The hare and the tortoise comes to mind… Needless to say we didn’t go anywhere, it stopped raining finally at 7pm, we had overstayed by a few hours here (sorry) but not nearly as much as the boat behind said to have been there 2 1/2 weeks, its a 48 hour mooring here.Clearly no one checks around here. 

Well supper was good, Salmon curry with pak choi and green beans.

Didn't see any boats let alone horse boats.
Handy trains 20ft from the mooring.
Constant Chinooks going over adds to the peace.

Saw this and thought of you both Mike and Gerry!!

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