Tuesday 15 April 2014

Texting and Lycra

Yesterday I sat up in bed chatting over tea with bestest boating chum Amanda and then she went home.  This morning I sat in bed alone,  but texting Amanda instead. 

David nipped off to the now marvellous Cropredy Canal Shop to get this weeks Sunday Times so I sorted out last weeks, and to my horror I found the magazines with an article on NAKED YOGA, this is too awful for words as my husband after spinal surgery several years ago practices yoga each morning and the last thing I want to to walk in on naked Downward Dog pose.  I sincerely hope he didn’t read it.

The day was cold but clear blue skies.  At 9:30am decision was made to go biking this morning, I didn’t require breakfast this morning, maybe something to do with two slices of that lemon cake last night I don’t know for sure.  At 11am I was ready to leave, nope I don’t know what I was doing either, just general female fannying around.

Beautiful day but so glad I took gloves ear muffs and two fleeces as it was right parky, but what warmed me up was slogging up the hill into Claydon village just north of Cropredy,  actually my phone rang and I was glad to answer it, as it was dear friends Mike and Gerry from NB Tubbs. Suddenly there was this loud swooshing noise and we were overtaken by a group of Tour de France competitors... that made me think that yes! I do need more lycra. 

Claydon is just beautiful and if Maffi is reading he will be pleased that today we passed four people picking up rubbish all around the village I think the lady said they were from the recreational green committee.  Marvellous.

Mr Wobble being whizzed past by lycra clad Pro's

We chatted for some while to a lovely couple who live in a house that is now about 25 years old but build from the stone of the previous trio of cottages that stood there and their property includes the Methodist Chapel which was built in 1835, it closed in the 50’s and is now their garage!! Closeby is the old forge, the Smithy lived next door to it, and when he died it was left with all his tools inside even his car locked up untouched some fifteen years ago!!!

Methodist Chapel

The Old Forge
Garden packed with blooms

Retains original window frame

Manor Farm and impressive barn

We counted four farms, here are two of them and we were told that in the village there are 17 wells.

Well we took the scenic route back on lanes where only two cars passed by us...  

Lunch was taken in The Red Lion in Cropedy before we cast off.

We had thought of filling up with water just below the bridge but changed our minds as a boat was already on there, I jumped off to do the rubbish and a man popped up to say they were just having a cup of tea, on the waterpoint.... so that's alright then.

We saw NB Bones    HERE      parked up in Banbury but nobody home, we didn’t need to stop  in town so bowled straight through to the lift bridge and then the lock, when who opened the gate for me?  None other than Bones herself, Boots the dog was in attendance too, no photo as I am still a rookie and didn't had the camera ready. 

Lovely to have seen you again though Bones. Remembered later that you hate having your photo taken so just as well.

Supper in the sun in the cratch, olives, brie, goats cheese, grapes, pears and a cheeky little sauvignon blanc, please don’t judge me for drinking white with cheese.....

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