Thursday 10 April 2014

Some really annoying people...

 Sunday dawned early for some really annoying people, namely my husband David who has started work for years at about 4:30am to milk the cows we had.... Apart from the years when he often was up at 2-3am when he was running the Dairy business we used to have, he has joked in the past that he never thought that he would come to regard 4:30am as a lie-in.   
  So Sunday, up he got at 6-ish got out his bike, Bang Crash Wallop, tried to assemble it, bit of swearing and then off on a ride around the villages in the vicinity of Foxton.  He did come back with the Sunday paper and a bunch of flowers so he’s not all bad.

This is us with my usual shocking boat hair.

We booked in with the Lock keeper and almost at once it was our turn.  Now for my non boaty friends, The Foxton Flight is a fantastic piece of engineering from 200 years ago, ten locks together a ‘Staircase’ flight so you go into one after the other with only one passing place half way up. 

In the lock.

          David Lewis took the helm and myself, Amanda and David walked up, me doing almost nothing just opening and shutting gates, the other two fighting over who was going to open and shut the paddles, both very keen you see. 

Exiting the lock.

               At the top it was straight on towards The Laughton Hills where we decided to moor up, not too far hopefully for David Lewis to cycle back to his car at Debdale, he had to go to work on Monday, imagine that.... but the good news is he left Amanda with us for a week.  Now Amanda is a thoroughly good egg and a great companion to have aboard as she is most neat and tidy, loves reorganising my larder here, in which there is no order, she loves doing locks and so we whizz through them and oh yes she loves polishing boats too.  We made supper of Sticky Pork fillet with Maple sauce and crispy onion rice.

Evening mooring.
David leaving the fun filled boat.

View of evening mooring, yes that is us down there

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  1. Be honest Lisa, 'she' reorganises the boat!!
    Enjoying the blog I am sure it will be a hit!
    X Lesley