Tuesday 29 April 2014

Earwigging and the dropping of pennies.

The day dawned bright and we set off at the crack of 9:30, David reversed to the water point and we started to top up. 
I noticed that the wee Day Boat was on the towpath side today, whereas it had been moored for the two days on the other side, so I was pleased that had been booked for the day.  A man came through the gate talking to a large group and carrying one of their heavy bags for them, yes he was heading for the day boat.  Then to my amazement, (now I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was),  it was a group of Nuns in their Habits taking the boat.  I heard the man say I will take you down through the lock and then we’ll come back up… So off they set, me looking on, earwigging, they paid close attention to the instructions and worked in pairs.  I guess nuns do this obeying thing well whereas I really struggle with it.

Two nuns receiving instruction
Working well in pairs.
Our mooring, overflow car park for train station.
Cheery chappie
Water done, off we set, leaving Kintbury behind.  Some imposing houses as we left, nice open countryside with only three locks to do today, I was really looking forward to only having three locks to do.  

Nice big properties outside Kintbury.
It was showery, I had the waterproof hat on, but it too does give Horrid Hat Hair, but a stylish photo taken by deputy photographer. His skills are coming along nicely.

Me in his hat.

I was aggravated by the owners of Dun Mill, they have acres and acres of land but have decided not to give boaters access to their side of the bridge here at the lock, about 10ft is all that is needed right down by their gate, not much to ask.  As it is they are  forcing old women (ME) to walk the gangplank on the lock crossings.  I hate these huge locks and dream most nights of falling in.  
But from here to Hungerford it was most attractive, one of the biggest turning places I have ever seen, quickly followed by a really narrow small section of canal.  Under the nice bridge and what did we find but the perfect sized mooring spot for WaL. Result. 

Lovely mooring in Hungerford.
Later the Nuns arrived, smiling faces, penny dropped.  A Hen Do!  

Nuns arriving all smiling.
David and I found a pub with SKY and managed to persuade the landlord that as the Man U match was starting later it might be an idea to have the rugby on Heineken Cup semi final and what a match it was. Hurrah.
It was sunny and warm and I like it here. 

Lamb Goan Xacuti curry with coconut and coconut yoghurt with Galaxy crunch for dessert.  I wonder where those nun are now.....?


  1. Of course Nuns do it well..... After all, they are in the habit!

  2. These things only happen to you!!