Friday 11 April 2014

Locks, books and who is that?

Early breakfast of porridge blueberries and pomegranate, then with a cheery wave to NB Oakfield as we passed by and from Norton Junction we set off towards Braunston.  
Whizzed through the locks as they were all set for us as two boats had just exited, bar the leaky gates it was a doddle with a lock loving crew.  Amanda donated the book she had picked up from Winwick church to the shop at the bottom lock, where they have a secondhand bookshelf, she took a couple of mine in addition and yes she does read that quickly!!!!!

Braunston tunnel, I think.

exiting a tunnel

She brought three more from the shop where the proceeds go to a Cancer charity and since they have been doing this, the Braunston Canal shop owner told me they have raised over £5000. Fabulous.

So as we moored up Amanda pipes up “I recognise that boat”, it was NB Derwent 6 coming through, Al on the towpath and Del at the helm, such a pity they couldn’t have stopped but next time eh? 

Glorious Selfie
So in the sunshine some serious boat washing got underway, also the cratch cover (Brand new it was readers) and Amanda & David ripped it on a previous trip they did, yes it was shocking!!!   So off it came and off we trundled to the canopy repairers.  Actually between you and me, we ripped the first one in a tunnel and scratched the paintwork when it was brand new so I only jest, but don’t do it again eh Lewis!
          We had to be in Braunston till lunchtime the following day as the wonderful canopy elves fitted us in for a quick turnaround.  Great they are there.  

Dinner out at The Admiral Nelson, lovely, lovely waitress there fitted us three in although they were fully booked.  It was a reward to us all for boat polishing above and beyond the call of duty.  All three of us had their Hamburgers with homemade coleslaw and fab fat chunky chips.... not completely sure how but Amanda and I managed EACH a generous slice of Cookie Dough cheesecake which was every bit as good as it sounded. Waddled home to bed. 

PS David Lewis the head torch is now working, thank you, here is a photo to prove it.

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