Monday 21 April 2014

Gates and bridges

Somerton to Nr Tackley                   

It was hard to leave Somerton meadows, I would have happily stayed there another day at least, but we had to get along.  Just around the corner were a series of pretty wrought iron gates along the tow path, I am fond of these types of gates.
We have just noticed that the bridges have become nice stone bridges down here as opposed to bricked ones yesterday, I am fond of bridges too. 

Another very pretty gate.
Wooden replacement.
Heyford Common Lock
The majority of boats we have seen this week have been Hirers, from all the bases, I hope the companies have all had a good week, the weather has been terrific, if a nippy breeze.
Upper Heyford has a most attractive approach, a fantastic spring woodland garden situated purely for boaters pleasure, then that majestic barn I would like to go and visit, it appears from the canal to have a stone roof.  

Someone's hard work for boaters to enjoy
Masses of colour, beautiful.
Love to see inside here

Then a series of the tallest blossom trees I have ever seen, stunning.  I wasn’t really looking forward to the lift bridge there as last year when we were here, David and I walked the village and did a trial run the night before, I couldn't even pull it a bit, so I had to drive the boat and David did it, but he’s only little and it was touch and go.  However today was a breeze, I could have almost pulled it down one handed, but I did sit on it to be doubly sure. 

Last year this bridge was impossible.
WaL passing by

We approached Lower Hayford Whalf and there was a space to pull in and yes their pump out was working Hurrah!  I went in to get a newspaper and ask the man if he had any skimmed milk, “No” says he, “Only what's in there. Skimmed is the first to sell out!!!!!!”  Now I might be a silly woman but in my head if it sells out first you double your order…. But hey ho.  

So with the boat fully serviced, we went just about half an hour more to here, near Tackley out in the middle of nowhere, cows on both sides, the sun shone hot all afternoon in cratch, papers, kindles and a glass of wine made it an afternoon to really enjoy.

Stone bridges now
Just love warm evenings

Kedgeree for supper with chilli chocolate to follow.

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