Monday 14 April 2014

Nails and baggage

        Well it had to come, today was the day that the nice Mr Lewis was coming to Cropredy to collect Amanda and take her home.  Rather nice of him to have parted with her for a week.  She has washed, swept, rubbed, tided,  buffed, brushed and polished and all for free. So Cropredy was where we were heading. 

Filling with water.

Water was the first task of the day, just a few boats here not many long term moorers either, maybe they are out on their own Spring Cruises too.  
While the boat was filling, I nipped into the pub’s annex, they have a launderette and more importantly now a hairdressers that does nails. Hurrah.  I had two broken nails and simply couldn’t continue boating without urgent attention. The lovely lady in there sorted both breaks out quicker than David could start moaning.  So hose in, water key collected, green hose attachment remembered, (We have left many all over) and off we went.  

The washing machine was warned of two approaching women with intent, it didn’t like the situation and decided to show off.  It started ok but refused to add water. Hmmm now what?  So we started the programme (or program take your pick) again and the same thing, David investigated the electrics cupboard and said  “Well, I dunno”.  Now a few years ago at Crick,  Bruce from NB Sanity Again had given us both a helpful hint that to up the water temperature of the wash just add a kettle of boiling water this had been done but just prior to switching the beastly thing on, so I spun the machine, boiled another kettle and tried the whole process again and this time we outsmarted it, lesson learnt about modern technology.

Tumble dryer.
Laundry done and draped in the front conservatory with the cover rolled up and shirts flapping in the breeze. On we went past an old old boat that had sunk, such a pity for it was some poor person’s home. 

Sad sad sight
Passing Clattercote Wharf

Finally into  Cropredy and moored on the 24 hour moorings nicely near to the lock.  Perfect, because David Lewis was arriving with baggage.  Our cratch table which we had found pretty damaged on our return to the marina a week ago, he had taken it home and rebuilt it in the past week, well he had the time, his wife was away!  He also brought his toolbox, wine and the meat for supper tonight, plus my handsome godson Max (Who took a lovely picture of us all but resolutely refused to be in it, I wonder why?).  I made supper, David Lewis did odd jobs, David Carr looked on trying to learn how, Amanda showed Max the boat.  Wine may then have been involved, then all to quickly they were packed up and gone, sad to see them go, it’s going to be days and days until we see them again.....

Owners and Boatsharers.
Dinner was a huge Spaghetti Bolognese and to follow Mary Berry’s Whole Lemon Cake with mascarpone filling   HERE  pretty good, I gave Max the last slice to take home, yes only one small slice left over...

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